5 reasons to sow grass seed in September

5 reasons to sow grass seed in September

5 reasons to sow grass seed in September

5 reasons to sow grass seed in September
Summer’s fading away, and autumn is taking over. But hold on, before you stash away your gardening gear, here’s a nugget of gardening wisdom: September is a fantastic time to roll up your sleeves and plant some grass seed. You read that right - September provides brilliant conditions for sowing and growing grass seed! So, join us as we explore five reasons why sowing grass seed in September is a great idea, and we share tips to help you get your lawn ready to become the envy of the neighbourhood!

1. September’s weather is perfect for sowing grass seed

We often get asked, “Will grass seed grow in September?”. And the answer is yes since it’s well known that autumn is a fantastic time to sow grass seed! The weather’s not too hot or cold – it’s just right this time of year. We recommend temperatures of 10°C and above for growing grass seed, and September offers this in most parts of the UK without fail. On top of that, the ground’s still warm from summer, and there’s enough rain to water your lawn without drowning your new seedlings. Think of it like the VIP treatment for growing grass seed!

2. Sowing in autumn gets you ahead of the game

Guess what? September isn’t the end of the road; it’s an extension of summer’s gardening goodness! By sowing grass seed now, you’re giving your grass plenty of time to grow strong before winter shows up. Sowing in September is also a good way to prep your garden for the following year; you will not need to reseed in spring since you will have an already established lawn. And since weather conditions are generally perfect this time of year for sowing grass seed, your new lawn will grow strong and resilient!

3. Weeds will be on their way out come September

Those pesky weeds that made a summer appearance? Well, they’re starting to pack their bags come September. That means less competition for your fresh batch of grass seedlings. With fewer weeds around, your grass gets all the attention it deserves – sunlight, water, and nutrients – without having to fight against other plants to grow.

4. Grass seed germinates quickly in September

September’s a bit of a matchmaker for grass seeds and good weather. Warm soil and cooler air? That’s like a green light for speedy grass seed germination. Your grass will jump out of its seeds and start sprouting in no time. Not only does this mean a quicker, fuller lawn, but it also helps prevent soil erosion and keeps things looking neat.

5. Birds are more likely to leave your seed alone!

Come September, birds are more likely to leave newly sown grass seed alone. Garden birds are usually busy foraging elsewhere this time of year and preparing for winter. This means your lawn can grow uninterrupted in the early stages of its growth.

Reasons to sow grass seed in September

September isn’t just a time for a visible change of the seasons or shorter days and darker mornings; it’s also the prime time for planting grass seed! Don’t let the changing seasons fool you – your lawn dreams can come to life with a little help from September’s friendly weather, reduced weed battles, and speedy seed growth. So, instead of waving goodbye to your garden tools, use them to sow some grass seed this September. Your future lawn will thank you with its lush, vibrant greenery!

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