60-day Money Back Grass Guarantee

Our 60-day Money Back Grass Guarantee means you can buy our grass seed with complete confidence. Because we believe in the quality of our seed, we are certain that you will see great results that will help you achieve your dream lawn. If for some reason our product fails you, we’ll happily refund you.

Terms & Conditions

To avail of this guarantee you must;

● Claim it within 60 days of your purchase date by contacting us.

● Have followed our instructions for sowing and aftercare including adequate watering and have sown the seed in ideal conditions*.

● Allow us to investigate any issues you are experiencing and provide any information we ask for, including images.

● If we cannot reach a resolve via extra advice or a replacement product, we will refund you.

*The ideal conditions for sowing are temperatures of 10 degrees and above consistently day and night for at least two weeks. The seed must not be sown in adverse weather conditions, i.e. frost, snow, flood or heatwave and be watered daily for the first 6 weeks after sowing.