All Rounder Rapid Lawn

  • Repairs wear & tear quickly
  • Grows rapidly to create a hardwearing lawn
  • Develops dense & durable vibrant green grass

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Product Description carrat-down

Our All Rounder Rapid Lawn is a fastgrowing and hardwearing general use garden grass seed mix. This all-purpose grass seed offers an unrivalled and balanced blend of growth, thickness, and durability all year round. This mix is the perfect match for lawns that get a lot of use throughout the year and is ideal for overseeding or simply repairing any wear and tear. So, whether you’re ready for a full lawn renovation or a planned patch-up, our best of both worlds lawn seed mix will provide the rapid results you require!

Mixture Breakdown

Perennial Ryegrass
Strong Creeping Red Fescue
After Image
Before Image

More Information carrat-down

Sowing rate (New Lawn) 50g per m2
Sowing rate (Overseeding Existing Lawn) 35g per m2
Recommended mowing height 20 - 40mm

Use our guide to find the correct setting for your lawn seed spreader.

Product Questions carrat-down

Product Questions

We are planning on reseeding our back garden next year and were wondering, when would be the earliest we could sow?
Question by: Sam on 13 Dec 2022, 15:53
Hi Sam, generally speaking the best to time to sow is anywhere from March - September. As long as you have temperatures of 8-10 degrees or higher with no adverse weather conditions then you can expect to see germination.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 14 Dec 2022, 15:39
Hi, how long does this take to grow?
Question by: Jacki on 26 Apr 2023, 09:16
Hi Jacki
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 26 Apr 2023, 09:36
With kids and dogs. I was looking at the best for pets seed but is this pretty hard wearing too as need fast as possible
Question by: Mark Baker on 26 Apr 2023, 15:51
Hi, the most suitable mix for gardens that get a lot use and see the most activity would be the Tough Stuff Lush Lawn. It will also establish quite quickly and the with the right weather, you can expect germination after 10 days and full establishment within 6-8 weeks.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 27 Apr 2023, 07:20

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An image showing Price Match Promise Price Match Promise

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