Are wildflowers easy to grow?

Are wildflowers easy to grow?

Are wildflowers easy to grow?

Are wildflowers easy to grow?
Wildflowers are relatively easy to grow. So much so that they even thrive in poor soil conditions. We find it interesting that such a beautiful collection of flowers doesn’t really require much help to bloom! In this post, we look at a few easy steps to get wildflowers growing in your garden.

So, are wildflowers easy to grow?

The answer to this question is yes! If you give wildflower seeds the correct conditions to grow, then the rest of the work is done by nature. Wildflowers are a welcome addition to your garden, especially if you have areas where nothing else ever seems to want to grow.

Wildflowers can grow almost anywhere. You will often see wildflowers growing on abandoned embankments by the sides of the road and in wild areas of the countryside. This is because they find it easier to compete with grasses and weeds in low-quality soil that has hardly any nutrients. Another bonus is that you can plant wildflower seeds almost any time of the year and still be guaranteed success. The only exceptions are that you should avoid sowing when it's frosty or icy outside or when cold weather is forecast in the weeks ahead.

The first steps you need to take are:

  • Select the area where you want to grow wildflowers
  • Remove all grass, flowers, weeds, and anything else on the surface
  • Dig over the soil to break it up so it is loose and crumbly, then rake it to create a level seed bed
  • Sow the wildflower seed at a rate of 5g per m2 (either by hand or with a seed spreader)
  • Cover the newly seeded area to protect it from birds
  • Keep the soil moist during dry periods. But since we live in the UK, nature will do most of the watering for you throughout the year!

We also have a guide on sowing wildflower seed which explains the process in more detail. Or you can watch our video below:

By now, we’re hoping you are intrigued by the idea of enriching your garden with colour. Wildflowers are beautiful, and they also give birds, bugs, and bees a richer habitat to thrive.

Our range of vibrant wildflowers

Our Absolutely Annuals and Bloomin’ Marvellous Meadow seed mixes feature 100% wildflower seeds. Other seed mixes we offer combine annuals, perennials and meadow grasses (Bees Please, Hi Butterfly, Shade Showcase, Clay Display). We have a blog post explaining the difference between annuals and perennial wildflowers.

Annual wildflowers shoot up within 60-80 days from when they're sown. Whereas perennial wildflowers will take up to 1 year to establish. Our Absolutely Annuals is a 100% annual seed mix that will bloom vibrantly after a few months, for one season.

Additionally, our Bloomin' Marvellous Meadow seed mix is a luxurious mix of 100% annual and perennial wildflowers that will return year after year.

If you have chosen a wildflower seed mix that also contains meadow grasses then the grass will grow first, creating a nursery for the wildflowers that follow.

As with all wildflowers, if you sow the seeds late in the season (late autumn), then you will not see them appearing until the following spring.

Now you know how straightforward it is to grow wildflowers, you can read our how to maintain your wildflower meadow blog post. This will help you keep your wildflower meadow blooming season after season.