Best grass seed 2023

Best grass seed 2023

Best grass seed 2023

Best grass seed 2023
The perfect grass seed for your garden may differ from something your friends, neighbours, or relatives would use to get the best results. This is because many grass seed variants grow better in different conditions and soil types. But you will be pleased to know that we have expert grass seed mixes that offer the best durability and growth, whatever the conditions to ensure you get the best grass seed for 2023.

Choosing the best grass seed

The best grass seed for your lawn will be a mixture of seed types that fit your garden conditions and provide reliable all-year-round growth!

We have the best grass seed options to suit every garden lawn! So, whether you’re looking for grass that creates a beautiful garden, achieves the lushest and most vibrant lawn, or has soils that make regular grass growth difficult - our best grass seed mixes can help!

Our best grass seed mixes for 2023

All Rounder Rapid Lawn

This versatile lawn seed offers fast growth and reliable wear and tear, ideal for most gardens. All Rounder Rapid Lawn is an all-purpose grass seed mix that provides a balanced blend of fast growth, thickness and all-year-round durability.

Fast Grow Family Lawn

Our Fast Grow Family Lawn is your best option if your garden sees a lot of use from the whole family. We blended this mix to withstand regular wear and tear and to remain vibrantly green and healthy throughout the year. In addition, this grass mix grows fast and self-repairs worn areas quickly, so your family can get back to enjoying time in the garden!

New Build Dream Lawn

New Build Dream Lawn contains the best blend of grass seeds that grow exceptionally well in clay soils typically found in new-build houses’ gardens. This fast-growing seed mix is also durable and perfect if your garden sees a lot of activity from kids and pets. This mix is ideal if your garden's wet and boggy in winter but dry and cracked in the summer!

Tough Stuff Lush Lawn

If your lawn suffers from your pup digging, sliding and zooming around like a cartoon character, it will begin to show on the condition of your grass over time. Unfortunately, dog pee can also leave your green grass covered in patches of yellow, but thankfully our Tough Stuff mix grows fast and recovers quickly. And that’s why our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn is the best grass seed to overcome every skid, scrape and scuffle caused by pets!

Super Fine Luxury Lawn

Our Super Fine Luxury Lawn seed mix is packed with the finest species of grass seed to create a beautiful ornamental garden. It can also be mowed super low to help you achieve the standout stripes seen when visiting stately homes. It also grows strong in sandy, drought-stricken soils, but since it’s an ornamental lawn seed, it requires VIP treatment and quality care to ensure it grows to its full potential.

Shade Supreme Lawn

Ideal for gardens covered in the shade and shadows caused by trees, walls, fences and hedgerows throughout the day. Our Shade Supreme Lawn grows well in parts of your lawn that receive reduced sunlight and contains grass seed species that grow exceptionally well in shaded spots of your garden.

Achieving the best garden using the best grass seed

Once you know what seed you require, you will be well on your way to getting the best garden lawn. To help you along the way, we recommend you frequently check your local weather forecast to ensure you get minimum temperatures of 10 °C day and night before planting grass seed.

The next step is preparing your soil to get the perfect seedbed. And you can then begin planting your grass seed and wait for your lovely new lawn to push its way out of the soil!

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above or any queries unique to your garden, please email us; we will be happy to help!