The best grass seed for overseeding

The best grass seed for overseeding

The best grass seed for overseeding

The best grass seed for overseeding
The best grass seed for overseeding your lawn is the one that has been created with your lawn’s needs at the top of the list. Overseeding is a good opportunity to regain that lush lawn, repairing any patchy or tired-looking grass that may have emerged from any tough love your garden has been through.

The best grass seed for overseeding - at a glance:

Why should you overseed?

Overseeding encourages you to give your lawn some much-needed TLC by levelling out the area and removing weeds and moss, lessening puddling in your garden while allowing you to fill in any patches your lawn has racked up.

What seed should you be overseeding with?

Most UK lawns are made up of perennial ryegrass and fescue, so don’t be worried about overseeding with the ‘wrong’ mix. The only ‘wrong’ mix you can overseed with is one that doesn’t match your needs! All our grass seed mixes can be used to overseed with, but you should aim to go for one that fits your garden’s needs.What we mean by this is for lawns with no special requirements, the mix you choose to overseed with is down to personal preference. However, when dealing with clay soils – New Build Dream Lawn was carefully created with your lawn’s needs in mind. Likewise, Shade Supreme Lawn was designed to fill any patchy areas in your shady lawn! Paying attention to your garden’s needs when buying seeds, gives your lawn the best chance of growing!

The essential mixes

Deciding what to overseed with can be complicated, so we have kept it simple, taking the best seeds and blending them to create 5 essential mixes – designed to give you back your dream lawn. With everybody’s lawn being unique, keep scrolling to discover which seeds have been made with your lawn’s needs in mind!

Just because your lawn puts up with a lot does not mean it should look like it! The all-rounder, our Fast Grow Family Dream Lawn is designed with general use in mind. Overseeding with this mix allows you to enjoy your dream lawn without sacrificing its looks.

If clay soils keep you up at night, our New Build Dream Lawn has specialist seeds, ready to tackle the boggy winters and cracked summers your lawn throws at it. Overseeding with this mix allows your lawn to manage the seasonal changes of your clay soil and keep your lawn looking dreamy!

If your lawn is being held hostage by a mischievous pooch, our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn is great for overseeding a lawn that looks worse for wear from all the skids, scrapes and zoomies your furry friend has thrown at it.

The celebrity of the lawn world, Super Fine Luxury Lawn was designed for the overseeders who want to give their lawn the VIP treatment. This mix contains the finest grass seed, ensuring it delivers the showstopper of your dreams!

The shady seed of the bunch, Shade Supreme Lawn uses special shade-loving grass seeds that thrive in low light conditions, making it perfect for overseeding areas of your lawn you previously thought impossible to grow due to being plagued by shade.

For all the info on how to overseed your perfect lawn, check out our complete guide here.

Can I mix grass seed when overseeding?

Yes! To get the most out of your lawn, sometimes it will require a mixed blend of seeds to get the perfect results. If you had previously sown one of our grass seed mixes and a troublesome shade spot has since plagued your lawn leaving it patchy – do not panic! Instead of having to sow an entirely new lawn, you can overseed the patchy area with our Shade Supreme Lawn mix and return your lawn to its former glory!

If you are one of the fortunate few who can choose any seed to sow on their lawn, you could mix our Fast Grow Family Dream Lawn with Tough Stuff Lush Lawn to achieve a tough, fast-growing, lush green lawn that is ready to handle everything you can throw at it!