Grass Seed

Grass Seed
  1. When to mow new grass?

    When to mow new grass?

    When new grass is bursting up from the ground, you may wonder when you can fire up the mower and begin cutting since there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass. Join us as we look into when to mow new grass to achieve the best growth.

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  2. Winter lawn care tips

    Winter lawn care tips

    At this time of year, gardening activities begin to wind down. Lawnmowers are tucked away, and gardening gloves have been replaced with your favourite winter woollies. So, keep reading our winter lawn care tips to ensure your garden looks as beautiful in spring as it did after all your hard work in summer and autumn!

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  3. How to revive a lawn after scarifying

    How to revive a lawn after scarifying

    After you’ve scarified your lawn and raked all the dead grass away, you might be shocked by how tired and worn out your lawn looks. But don’t worry, this is normal and all part of the lawn rejuvenation process. By following our guide below, you can ensure your scarifying is a resounding success and gives you the luscious green lawn you've been missing out on!

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  4. How to aerate a lawn

    How to aerate a lawn

    A well-loved lawn can easily become compacted, meaning that your soils surface becomes hard – stopping the free flow of nutrients which can cause yellowing and poor performing grass. Knowing how to aerate your lawn will help your lawn breathe and grow as best it can!

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  5. The last grass cut of the season

    The last grass cut of the season

    In some parts of the UK our last grass cuts of the season may have taken place as far back as October, but for others in milder areas you may be considering when it’s time to put the mower into hibernation.

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  6. When to scarify a lawn

    When to scarify a lawn

    One of the easiest ways to quickly boost your lawn’s overall appearance and health is to scarify it. By raking out the top layer of thatch on your grass at key times of the year, you can help your lawn breathe again, boost the growth of your existing grass and encourage new seedlings to thrive. Knowing how and when to scarify your lawn can help maximise your efforts, so keep reading to find out when you should be doing it and why.

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  7. How to plant grass seed

    How to plant grass seed

    Planting grass seed is not difficult, and you will find it's easy if you plan ahead. To help you with this, we will cover a few essential tips to ensure you know how to plant grass seed. Our advice will ensure you get the most out of your garden lawn from the moment you choose your grass seed to your first mow!

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  8. 10 ways to love your lawn

    10 ways to love your lawn

    For all the lawn lovers out there, we have put together a list of ten ways to love your lawn better so it grows and looks as good as you want it to! And we've included helpful advice to ensure your lawn care makeover is as hassle-free as possible!

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  9. How long for grass seed to germinate?

    How long for grass seed to germinate?

    Planting grass seed is a rewarding experience that results in getting the luscious lawn you’ve dreamed of. You’ve been thinking about your beautiful lawn and might wonder, “How long does it take for grass seed to grow?” You’ll be delighted to read that we’ve got all the info you need… Keep reading for advice on the germination process of your grass, and we also offer tips to kickstart your lawn-growing journey!

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  10. 5 reasons to sow grass seed in September

    5 reasons to sow grass seed in September

    Summer’s fading away, and autumn is taking over. But hold on, before you stash away your gardening gear, here’s a nugget of gardening wisdom: September is a fantastic time to roll up your sleeves and plant some grass seed. You read that right - September provides brilliant conditions for sowing and growing grass seed! So, join us as we explore five reasons why sowing grass seed in September is a great idea, and we share tips to help you get your lawn ready to become the envy of the neighbourhood!

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