Can I sow grass seed in August?

Can I sow grass seed in August?

Can I sow grass seed in August?

Can I sow grass seed in August?
As summer seems to draw to a close, you may be questioning whether you can do some late summer sowing or not. And a question we often hear is "can I sow grass seed in August?".

By the end of the summer months, your lawn may need some patching or could do with a complete overseed. By this stage, you're probably wondering if you can sow grass seed in August. Perhaps you don't even have a lawn yet and wonder if you have left it too late!

So can you sow grass seed in August?

The short answer is yes! August is a great time to sow grass seed for several reasons:

  • It’s warm enough to keep the soil above 10 degrees but not so warm that it will scorch your seedlings.
  • In August and early autumn, weed growth slows down, meaning they are less likely to start growing in your new or overseeded lawn
  • From August onwards, rain is more likely, which means less watering for you to do!

Before sowing, there are a few things you should consider;

Pick the right seed

Aside from temperature, the best chance of sowing and growing a beautiful lawn in August is choosing the right seed for your needs. Things you should think about when picking your mix are; the level of use your lawn gets, whether this is a little or a lot, the soil type in the area, the shade type in the area and whether you have any pets. If you need a little extra help with this, you can use our Product Finder or contact us.

Temperature is key when sowing grass seed in August

When you've got the perfect seed, it's time to check the weather. When it comes to perfect temperatures for sowing, August weather really is up there with the best.

One thing August is well known for is a downpour, so be sure to check your local forecast before sowing. Key things to look out for are temperatures staying at 10 degrees during the day and night - and no torrential rainfall on the horizon – because nobody wants to watch all their hard work wash away!

If you plan to sow a new lawn in August, then you’re in the right place! We have a guide on how to sow a new lawn, how to overseed an existing lawn and how to repair patches.

Speed up growth and keep it healthy

To speed up the growth of your new lawn before the colder weather sets in, you can feed your lawn. A fast-acting pre-seed feed such as our Pre-Seed First Feed can boost your soil and help speed up growth, and a consistent feed when your lawn is fully grown will help to keep it healthy and emerge green and glorious in Spring!