Can I sow wildflowers in the UK in Autumn?

Can I sow wildflowers in the UK in Autumn?

Can I sow wildflowers in the UK in Autumn?

Can I sow wildflowers in the UK in Autumn?
We often associate sowing with Spring in the UK, but the truth is there might be even better times to bring some new additions to your garden - one of those times in autumn!

Sowing seeds is often not considered at this time of year in the UK since temperatures are starting to cool, but did you know autumn is a great time to sow wildflowers? Where most garden activities are winding down for winter - autumn's weather continues to provide fantastic growing conditions for sowing wildflowers!

1) Autumn in the UK is perfect for growing wildflowers!

Contrary to popular belief, temperatures throughout England, Scotland and Wales are still excellent throughout most of September and early October, reaching heights of 10 degrees and above. These mild but optimum temperatures are warm enough for growth to occur without being scorching - making Autumn the perfect time to sow! Annuals-only mixes such as our Absolutely Annuals mix will grow well in these optimal conditions, and you should see blooms within 60-80 days. These temperatures are also great for our wildflower mixes that contain annuals, perennials and meadow grasses - since these grasses will need a minimum of 10 degrees to grow successfully.

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to sow and grow wildflowers in your garden:

2) UK autumn weather does most of the watering for you

Just like Spring is subject to a few downpours, rain showers are a frequent feature of our Autumn weather. This means once your wildflowers are sown, you don't have to water them, and you’ll be free to forget about them until their blooms appear!

3) It brings a spring surprise

Sowing in Autumn means by Spring, your garden, bed, or border will be bursting with a bevy of beautiful wildflowers. As they are so simple to sow and don’t require any extra preening, compost or feeding, you’ll almost forget you have sown them in the first place! Since wildflower mixes offer a wider variety of flora in comparison to your typical garden plants, you’ll be continually delighted as new colours and shapes pop up from Spring to Summer.

4) Autumn sowing means less competition

Weed growth slows down in Autumn, and there are usually fewer birds about to snack on your wildflower seeds. This lack of competition allows your wildflowers to flourish and thrive as they begin their growth!

5) Sowing wildflowers in autumn makes way for UK wildlife

If you’re sowing wildflowers in the hopes of attracting wildlife, it may seem silly to sow them in Autumn when lots of wildlife goes into hibernation. However, when sowing a wildflower mix with meadow grasses in Autumn, you actually help to create an area that becomes an overwintering habitat for wildlife. Hedgehogs, foxes and more will flock to your wild grasses for a little respite!

So, does sowing in Autumn seem like a good idea? It certainly does! You can learn more on our guides below: