Can wildflowers grow in shade?

Can wildflowers grow in shade?

Can wildflowers grow in shade?

Can wildflowers grow in shade?
We all strive to create the most beautiful garden within the space available to us. However, most gardens have areas shaded from the sun, causing them to struggle to flourish as well as others. In situations like this, we advise planting gorgeous woodland wildflowers since they grow incredibly well in the shade!

We often get people asking "can wildflowers grow in shade?" and the short answer is yes! In general, low-light conditions are not ideal for growing flowers but thankfully there are wildflowers that really love the shade!

What wildflowers grow in shade?

For these conditions, we recommend our Shade Showcase wildflower seed mix. This shade-loving wildflower seed mix contains a combination of beautiful annual and perennial wildflowers to create a stunning meadow in the shaded areas of your garden. It includes wildflowers like bluebells, foxglove, and forget-me-nots (and many others) that you would find growing naturally on the forest floor. These wildflowers add stunning blossoms packed with colour to the shaded areas of your garden.

Wildflowers for shaded gardens

When imagining a wildflower meadow, most people visualise wide open spaces with sunshine beaming down upon colourful blooming flowers. But, in reality, most gardens are covered in shade throughout the day. This makes you think that creating a wildflower meadow in the shade would be difficult. Although it doesn't need to be since there are wildflowers that thrive in these conditions.

Does my garden need shade-specific wildflowers?

If your garden has areas that don't receive enough sunlight, you’re probably wondering if shade-specific wildflowers would help your situation. Well, if you have areas of your garden with low light conditions where plants don't grow at all, then you will likely benefit from a shade-specific wildflower seed mix!

Just because your garden doesn't get sunshine all day long, doesn't mean you can't have colour! A lot of wildflowers love growing in the shade and will add bursts of colour to your garden. So, you don't have to accept a dull and colourless garden. Instead, you can add beautiful wildflowers to the shaded areas!

If you would like some more advice, then please send us a few images of the shaded areas in your garden here. Get in touch and we can happily advise on what is ideal for your garden.