What is the best grass seed?

What is the best grass seed?

What is the best grass seed?

What is the best grass seed?
The best lawn seed for your lawn may be different to your neighbours, friends, and family – and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is best!

Our guide will help break down what is the best grass seed you need to create the ideal lawn for you that is fit for purpose.

The troublemakers

We call them the troublemakers, but really with the right grass seed, they don’t have to be! Shady gardens and clay soils can make it more difficult to grow a luscious lawn, but with the right product and know how, you will be on your way to achieving that gorgeous green lawn you have always hoped for.

Clay soils

Clay soils are common in the UK and can be found in many new build homes. If you’re unsure about whether you have clay soils or not, luckily, they are quite easy to identify. If you lift a section of your soil and hold it in your hands, which is heavy to hold and will clump together in your hand, then you know this is a clay soil. Clay soils are typically wet and muddy in winter and dry and cracked in summer.

If your garden has clay soils, you can try our New Build Dream Lawn. New Build Dream Lawn contains specialist seeds that thrive in clay conditions and leaves you with a thick and healthy lawn. This lawn seed will not only help you achieve gorgeous green grass, but it will give you a fast-growing lawn that will restore itself quickly after any wear and tear. 

Shaded lawns  

We have just the seed you need for a garden that suffers from any shaded spots. Although trees, shrubbery, and plants dotted around your lawn can look nice, they can cause trouble when growing a lawn. Seedlings need sunlight to help them grow and establish themselves; without that, they can suffer. So try our Shade Supreme Lawn seed instead of fully removing your garden shrubbery and trees. This mix is full of seeds that can grow in little light, giving you the shade-tolerant lawn of your dreams!

The tough ones

Sometimes you need a lawn that will put up with just about anything. Whether that’s family fun, wear and tear from pets or simply because you do a lot of entertaining - we have the lawn seed for you.

For dog lovers, you will know that the garden is the ultimate playground for your dog! But this can often lead to a few lawn issues. Dogs love nothing more than rolling around in the grass; while it might make them happy, your lawn might not be so happy!

Our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn seed was created to put up with all the rough and tumble your lawn will get with your pets around. This seed mix is full of the toughest yet lushest grass seeds to ensure your lawn looks good long after the playing stops!

If your garden is the centre of all family celebrations and has kids playing on it regularly, our Fast Grow Family Lawn is a perfect option for the lawn that sees a lot of use and has been carefully created to produce a hard-wearing, fast-growing lawn that will bounce back every time.


If you’re a real lawn lover, you might be on the hunt for a lawn seed that give you that Wimbledon-worthy look. If you want a lawn that will turn heads and keep the neighbours wondering how you do it, then look no further than our Super Fine Luxury Lawn. A mix brimming with the finest fescues that will leave you with that ultimate luxurious finish. A-List Luxury lawn will tolerate close mowing so you can create those showstopping stripes that much easier.

If you are still unsure about what grass seed to go for, head over to our helpful guide on how to choose the best grass seed. Once you have decided what lawn seed you are going for, you can learn how to sow a new lawn with our how to video guide.