Clay Display

  • Clay Soil Wildflower Seed
  • Creates a wildflower haven in clay soils
  • Bursting with bright wildflowers
  • Makes a meadow that wildlife will love

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Product Description carrat-down

It can be challenging to find anything to grow in your clay soils, but you may be surprised to find that some wildflowers are very good at it! We’ve gathered the best combination of annual and perennial wildflower seeds for our Clay Display mix that are excellent at growing in the two extremes that clay soils often present - very dry soils in summer and very wet soils in winter. Betony, Oxeye Sunflower and Ragged Robin are deep rooting and provide a kaleidoscope of colour for your clay soils, making them become a welcome part of your garden once again.

Mixture Breakdown

Red Clover
Ribwort Plantain
Oxeye Sunflower
Ragged Robin
Cow Parsley
Corn Marigold
Oxeye Daisy
F. Teasel
Greater Burnet
Wild Carrot
Wild Parsnip
1% White Clover
Sheeps Fescue / Hard Fescue
Tall Fescue
Chewings Fescue
Crested Dogstail
2% Corn Poppy

More Information carrat-down

Sowing rate 5g per m2
When to see blooms This wildflower mix contains meadow grass, annual wildflowers and perennial wildflowers. The meadow grass in this mix helps to keep weeds at bay and will also provide a habitat for wildlife. The meadow grass will grow first when  temperatures are 10 degrees and above. The annual wildflowers will follow and bloom 60-80 days after they are sown. The perennial wildflowers will take up to 12 months to bloom. 

Product Questions carrat-down

Product Questions

Do annual flowers re seed or do they need to be reseeded yearly?
Question by: Keith lofthouse on 3 Oct 2021, 12:46
Hi Keith, thank you for your question.
Annuals typically will only have one bloom and will need reseeded each year if you wish for them to return. They can self seed, this usually happens at the end of the season but to guarantee that they would return we do recommend adding some fresh seeds each year.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 4 Oct 2021, 09:17
When do we sow the seeds
Question by: Pat Tinsley on 10 Jun 2022, 16:53
Hi Pat, thanks for your question! The best times to sow wildflower seeds are in autumn and spring. An autumn sow will bring spring blooms, and a spring sow will produce summer blooms. You can sow between these seasons but avoid sowing wildflowers from November to February when there is a risk of frozen soil.
Answer by: Anna Crockard on 13 Jun 2022, 13:33

Can you tell me the average height of blooms in this mix? Will it be able to flourish and be easily visible amongst meadow fescue grass that it around 2' tall?

Thanks, Iain
Question by: Iain Wilkie on 28 Jul 2022, 16:11
Hi Ian, thanks for the question! Our wildflowers typically grow to heights of 1 - 2ft. If you sow your wildflowers on fertilise soil (which we wouldn't recommend) they may grow taller. The wildflowers will grow perfectly healthy amongst the meadow grass, and you will be able to see their beautiful blooms once they have fully developed.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 29 Jul 2022, 08:41
I have a situation which is a soil type of clay but is shady under trees, and I'm wondering which mix to go for, what would you recommend between clay and shady mix?
Question by: Chris on 18 Aug 2022, 12:09
Hi Chris, thank you for your question. For shaded areas, I would recommend sowing our Shade Showcase mix. Some spots in your garden may pose a problem due to a lack of light, but they can easily become purposeful again with our signature shade mix of annuals and perennials.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 18 Aug 2022, 13:02
Pet (Dog) Safe?
Question by: Craig Finally on 25 Sept 2022, 15:21
Hi Craig, thanks for the question :)

The majority of wildflowers are safe to sow near pets. There are a few varieties that can be harmful to both humans and animals but only when consumed in large amounts over a short period of time.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 26 Sept 2022, 13:34
Is this mix suitable for on a green roof? Will the grass eventually take over?
Question by: Lynette Green on 28 Oct 2022, 09:32
Hi Lynette,

Thank you for your question, it was great to chat to you on our live chat. Due to the nature of wildflowers in this mix being drought tolerant to cope with the conditions of clay soils, we believe this would be a suitable mix for a green roof. The grasses in this wildflower mix are meadow grasses, so won't overtake the wildflowers as they act as a nursery for them to grow in, helping to keep your meadow weed free year after year.

If you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email us at

Many Thanks,

Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 28 Oct 2022, 12:43
Hi there

I am looking to put some meadow seeds onto grass that is on heavy clay soil. Can this be done, and which of your products would you recommend using?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Question by: Christine Fair on 2 Apr 2023, 18:24
Hi Christine,

Clay Display wildflower seed is the best option for this. Just be aware there are a few steps to take for planting wildflower seeds, so do not put them straight on the grass.

The steps you need to take are:

- Select the area where you want to grow wildflowers
- Remove all grass, flowers, weeds, and anything else on the surface
- Dig over the soil to break it up so it is loose and crumbly, then rake it to create a level seed bed
- Sow the wildflower seed at a rate of 5g per m2 (either by hand or with a seed spreader)
- Cover the newly seeded area to protect it from birds
- Keep the soil moist during dry periods. But since we live in the UK, nature will do most of the watering for you throughout the year!

Answer by: Andrew Clarke on 3 Apr 2023, 13:10
Hi, I've bought this product and sowed the seeds. Everything doing fine.
What flowers are included in this mix? I can't find any details on packet or your website

Thanks, Mike
Question by: Mike on 6 Sept 2023, 16:53
Hi Mike

We're glad to hear that the meadow is establishing well. Please see below for the mixture breakdown.

Corn Poppy 2%
Corn Marigold 2%
Oxeye Daisy 2.3%
Weld 0.2%
Red Clover 1.1%
White Clover 1.1%
Ribwort Plantain 1.5%
Ragged Robin 0.1%
Yarrow 1%
Leo 2.5%
Betony 0.1%
Greater Burnet 0.3%
Wild Carrot 1.6%
Wild Parsnip 0.5%
F.Teasel 0.2%
Cow Parsley 1%
Oxeye Sunflower 2.5%
Sheeps fescue 25%
Tall Fescue 25%
Crested Dogstail 25%
Chewings Fescue 5%

Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 7 Sept 2023, 08:12

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