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Frozen lawn tips

A frozen lawn can be a common occurrence during the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that there is no lasting damage caused to your grass.

frozen and frosty garden lawn tips in winter

While our winter has been surprisingly mild for the most part, it may be the calm before the storm! With our unpredictable UK weather, a cold and frosty bite could be just around the corner, and during that time, your lawn will need a little more care and consideration. Follow our tips on how to care for your grass during frosty spells to help it survive in winter so that it can thrive in spring!

No walking on the lawn

During winter, the individual blades of grass on our lawn can become frozen and brittle. Walking across your lawn or having heavy footfall during these cooler periods can cause stress and damage to your grass blades. Not only do you run the risk of causing short term damage, but you could also damage the blades at their roots and stop any further growth.

We’re not saying to avoid your grass from November right through to March, but do practice some caution when frost is visible on the ground. If you really need to walk over it during frost – tread lightly!

Say no to the mess!

A tidy lawn is a happy lawn, and here at - we love a happy lawn! Make sure to remove any tools, furniture or other items that may be sitting on your lawn during winter. The consistent pressure of those can cause lasting damage, or if they are keeping parts of your lawn in shade (such as a trampoline that may not be getting any use), it will stop your lawn from warming up and fighting off the frost. So, pack up your tools and store away your furniture until we are through the winter months.

The same applies to leaves, debris, or branches. A quick tidy-up to remove any of those will go a long way in ensuring your lawn is looking its best when spring arrives. It will also help to reduce the chances of your lawn picking up a fungal disease. Be careful not to clear your lawn with a rake when frost is visible, as this will be too rough on your brittle blades!

No fertiliser

A dull and lifeless-looking lawn might tempt you into feeding it, but perseverance is key. Feeding your lawn during the winter and when your lawn is glistening with frost is a big no no. During winter, your lawn is dormant, meaning it has gone into hibernation. Any lawn food that is applied won’t be absorbed and will most likely wash away and go to waste.

Prevention and preparation

Although it can be hard to eliminate the effects that winter can have on your lawn, there are things you can do to help prepare for this. Maintaining a healthy lawn during summer and autumn will do wonders for your lawn during frosty periods, as it will be well-fed and cared for.

A healthy lawn will reduce the chances of your grass falling victim to any winter diseases. For tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, just follow our guide on How to keep your lawn healthy. Applying a feed to your lawn before the winter sets in can help boost its nutrient level and ensure that it emerges in spring with minimal damage. Try using our Winter Remedy feed, a 16-week winter treatment that will help keep your lawn protected and packed full of nutrients right through spring.

To learn more about maintaining a healthy lawn, winter feeding or winter lawn care, visit our seasonal blog page, where we share our top tips and tricks of the trade for the winter period.

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