How long does grass take to grow?

How long does grass take to grow?

How long does grass take to grow?

How long does grass take to grow?
Most grass seed will sprout within 10 days of being sown – if sown in the correct conditions for growth. This means sowing when temperatures are 10 degrees and above, with good weather forecast for the following two weeks. Keep reading for some helpful advice and the answer to the common question - "how long does grass take to grow".

So, how long does grass take to grow?

If you're wondering how long grass seed takes to grow, then you've come to the right place! In order for your grass to grow, it needs access to three things - water, heat and sunlight.

Newly sown grass seed should be watered every day for the first six weeks after sowing, should be sown in temperatures of 10 degrees and above and should have plenty of sunlight to give it the energy it needs to grow big and strong! This is why grass seed sown in the shade typically takes longer to grow or doesn’t grow at all. In this case, our Shade Supreme Lawn contains grass seeds that will grow in these conditions and is the best solution for a shaded lawn.

It’s been 10 days, why is my grass not growing?

Depending on the availability of water, heat and sunlight your grass seed has – it may take longer than 10 days to sprout. It is important to sow your grass seed correctly and make good use of our How To Hub and all the instructions. If you’re having any issues, you can get in touch with us – we’re here to help!

It’s been 10 days, my grass seed is growing but it’s patchy?

Grass seed sprouting really means you’ll have a green hue across your lawn rather than a fully grown lawn within 10 days. Whilst it may appear patchy, keep it watered, and all of these areas will fill in over the course of 6 weeks before your lawn is ready for its first mow at the 6-8 week mark when the whole lawn is 5-7cm in height.

It’s been 10 days and it’s growing really well, can I mow it yet?

In particularly good temperatures of 15 degrees and above, grass seed can grow incredibly fast and may look like a fully grown lawn even within 10 days. Despite this, we recommend not mowing it until the 6-8 week mark. Your grass seed will still be building its root system, and mowing too early could damage it.