How to get your garden ready for spring

How to get your garden ready for spring

How to get your garden ready for spring

How to get your garden ready for spring
Although the last week of UK weather might make us feel like we are in the depths of winter, there are some tell-tale signs that spring is fast approaching.

The sun is setting later, birds can be heard chirping in the morning, and daffodils have started to show their bold yellow heads. While we may be ready for a change in seasons, is your garden ready? Follow our guide on how to get your garden ready for spring!

A spring clean helps get your garden ready

Tidying the garden can seem like a never-ending chore, but if you make sure it’s regularly done, it really shouldn't take you too long. Carrying out a spring clean in your garden during the months leading into spring will go a long way in helping you feel ready for the seasons ahead.

Starting with a clear blank canvas will make all other spring jobs much easier. Take time to clear your garden of any fallen debris or bits and bobs that have gathered over winter, this includes putting away any tools and toys that aren’t used daily. Wet piles of leaves on your lawn can also create disease, so make sure to remove these as they build up.

If you have any sheds, patios, or fences, now is a great time to give them a blast with a power hose or a brush down with your garden brush to remove any build-up of moss or algae. Not only will this make them look better, but it will also allow you to spot any damage that may have happened to them over winter.

And that brings us nicely to our next point on how to get your garden ready for spring…

Fixer upper!

If your fences, wall climbers or sheds took a beating over the winter period, now is the time to fix them up and bring it back to life so that your structures last for another year. Whether that’s tightening screws or improving the support around them, this will mean that any spring storms that come along shouldn’t damage them too badly. And if you really want to step up your garden game, why not give your fence or shed a makeover with a fresh lick of paint, because nothing says spring like a freshly coloured fence!

While you’re fixing things, take a quick look inside your toolbox and ensure everything you rely on during the spring and summer seasons is in good condition. Replace or fix any broken equipment so they are ready to grab and go when it comes to use them!

Organisation is key in getting your garden ready for spring

As you start to pull tools out of a shed full of cobwebs, it's a great time to get a little organised and to clean the interior of yours so that your tools stay in good condition when you're storing them there.

Sheds can sometimes become a dumping ground for leftover bits that don’t have a place in your home, but before we get into the thick of spring you should take time to reorganise your shed. A top tip is to use clear boxes so you can keep everything packed away, neat, and tidy. The best bit is you can still see where everything is, so it makes it easy to find things when you go looking for them!  

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail!

When it comes to getting ready for spring, putting time aside to plan what you want to do in your garden will get you off on the right track. So, whether you are just planning to overseed some bare patches, preparing to sow an entirely new lawn or planning to add in a wildflower patch to your garden, you should plan ahead and buy your lawn food or grass seed ahead of sowing season. The same goes for wildflower seeds, if you order them now, you will be ready for an early spring sow that will leave you will a display of blooms in early summer.

If you’re unsure of what product you need, our helpful guides on choosing the best grass seed, choosing lawn food and selecting a wildflower mix will help you to understand what it is you need.  

If you follow our steps, we can guarantee that you and your garden will be ready for spring, and after a long winter, we are all ready for spring to come around!

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