How to get your lawn garden party ready

How to get your lawn garden party ready

How to get your lawn garden party ready

How to get your lawn garden party ready
Summer is the perfect time for us to show off our gardens and more importantly, enjoy them. But what happens when the weather’s suddenly good, you plan an impromptu barbeque, and your lawn is looking more post-party than party ready?

Well, look no further than our 4 simple steps to get your grass looking its very best in time for your guests.


When you’re busy being the garden party queen or king, it can be easy to forget about your lawn or garden in the background. But a green and healthy lawn is really a sight to behold, and gives you another opportunity to show off! If you haven’t fed your lawn this summer, a quick fix 6 week feed will green and thicken it up in no time. Our Oh So Green is excellent at doing this, and although the results last 6 weeks – you should see a difference in just one week! If you plan to do any repairs or patch-ups, our Pre-Seed First Feed will give these spots the boost they need to fill in fast. To understand how to use lawn food and when, visit our helpful step by step guide.


A single weed in a sea of green grass can really ruin the look of your lawn, but weeds are easier to remove than you think. Most weeds are shallow-rooting and can be dug up using a garden trowel. Simply dig out the weed and make sure to remove all the roots so that they don’t return, whilst shaking off the soil so you can refill any patches left behind. If you need to add a little extra soil, make sure to use topsoil instead of compost as compost will break down over time leaving your lawn to be unlevel. Add some fast growing grass seed, and your lawn will be weed-free and regally green once again!

Overseed / repair patches

Patches can appear in your lawn from wear and tear and from pets, and it’s easy to think that repairing patches can take longer than a week. However, when you use a fast growing seed mix containing plenty of perennial ryegrass like our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn or Fast Grow Family Lawn, you will find that these patches will fill in fast when temperatures are 10 degrees and upwards, much like we are currently experiencing throughout the country. With the Jubilee weekend set to be the hottest weekend of the year, your seeds will thrive in these warm temperatures and make those patches disappear as fast as they arrived!  

Mow for show!

With a weed-free, well-fed and lusciously green lawn achieved – it’s time to mow it for those signature stripes which are sure to impress your guests. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a certain type of lawn to achieve stripes. Stripes are caused by your grass being pushed in different directions and when the sun reflects off of these, it makes the grass appear to be two shades of green. For a small lawn you can use a garden brush to put your grass in different directions in a striped style, and for a larger lawn a lawnmower with a rear roller will do the job for you! To get the best out of your mowing, read our tips here.