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How to make grass grow

Nothing is more rewarding than planting some new grass seed in your garden and seeing deep green grass blooming from the soil a few weeks later. However, there are a few things to consider to make your grass grow, get your new lawn off to a good start, and ensure you avoid any hiccups along the way.

How to make grass grow

Choose the right grass seed for your garden

Choosing the correct grass that suits your garden's soil type and conditions is essential to the success of your lawn, so it helps to pick the right seeds if you want to make grass grow! We put a lot of time into selecting the correct grass seed in our grass seed mixes to ensure we have options to suit every home. So, whether your new lawn will have heavy footfall from the family and kids, zoomies and skidding from dogs or receive little sunlight due to heavy shade throughout the day - we have ideal grass seed and other options for different soil types too.

Seeds to suit specific situations

  • All Rounder Rapid Lawn is fast-growing and hardwearing for a balance of growth, thickness and all-year-round durability.
  • Fast Grow Family Lawn features quality seed ideal for a high-traffic family lawn. It grows fast, thick and green and recovers quickly from wear and tear.
  • Tough Stuff Lush Lawn is the toughest grass seed for the turmoil caused by pets. It offers robust and speedy growth within ten days and recovers from urine patches quickly.
  • Shade Supreme Lawn grows strong in gardens that have low levels of light. This seed helps turn shaded areas of your garden lush again, and it's hardwearing and ideal for family life.

Specialist grass seed

  • Super Fine Luxury Lawn is an elegant, premium grass that looks the part and can be mowed short – this is the finest seed to create the most fabulous garden lawn. It is also a superb option for sandy, drought-stricken soils.
  • New Build Dream Lawn is a hardwearing grass seed ideal for clay soils. It creates a lusciously green lawn that tolerates drought and heavy downpours. Not only will your new grass grow strong, but it is also durable – it can handle the footfall should kids or pets frequently use your lawn.

If you are still unsure, we have a guide to help you choose the best grass seed.

Prepare the perfect seedbed to make grass grow

Before you begin sowing, it is best to check your local weather forecast first. Your new seed requires consistent temperatures above 10 degrees for at least two weeks to grow. Also, be aware that you should not sow grass seed in flood, frost, snow or hot weather conditions – so it is best to plant grass seed in spring and autumn.

Once you have a good idea of when you should begin sowing, you can start preparing the soil.

Remove weeds and moss

If there are only a few weeds in the soil, then you can remove these by hand or by using a trowel – and makes sure you remove all the roots. Alternatively, you can use a selective weed killer to target specific weeds. And if you find there are a lot of weeds in your garden, then our 3 in 1 Lawn Rescue Feed, Weed and Mosskiller will remove them while also feeding your lawn in preparation for seeding.

Level the seedbed

Using a garden fork, you can spike your soil to break it up. Do this across your garden to a depth of 20-25cm to loosen up the top layer of soil. At the same time, be sure to break down any soil clumps and remove any rocks and stones.

After this, you can use a rake to level out the surface of your garden. Finally, if you notice dips in your garden, you can use topsoil to fill these in and level the areas out.

Now that you have a fine-level seedbed, you can begin sowing! We have tips for sowing a new lawn that takes you through the steps required to achieve a perfect garden lawn.

Water your seeds straight away after sowing

We all know that grass needs water to grow; it is a plant, after all! But you could be surprised to know that a newly sown lawn needs to be watered every day for the first six weeks to grow correctly.

Having consistent access to moisture will help your grass grow even faster. It's worth noting that you can skip watering on days when it rains during the first six weeks. And try to avoid walking on the newly planted grass if you can!

It can also be a good idea to put out a few deterrents to keep birds away. You use something as simple as coving your lawn with a tarpaulin or net for the first few days or add some reflective items to your garden like CDs hanging on bamboo.

Alternatively, you could offer birds an alternative food source, such as a bird feeder, to draw them away from your newly sown seed.

Know when to mow your new lawn

It can be tempting to get outside and start mowing your lawn once it grows, but don't jump to this stage too soon! You can begin mowing your lawn after 6-8-weeks from when you sowed the seed and when the blades of grass have reached 5-7cm tall.

You should set your mower to the highest setting for your lawn's first mow.

Fertilise your lawn to help your grass grow

Giving your new lawn a feed of fertiliser will help encourage strong and dense grass growth. Fertiliser boosts your grass and enables it to recover quickly from any wear and tear, so choosing the right lawn food and correctly applying it will help.

Follow our steps on how to make grass grow

Knowing how to make grass grow is easy and fun if you follow the simple steps above. However, if your grass is not showing strong growth after the first few weeks, then our guide on why isn't my grass growing should help you determine why. And if this doesn't solve your problem, then please get in touch with us here.

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