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How to mow your lawn

Knowing how to mow your lawn, when to mow your lawn and how often you should mow your lawn can all be a bit confusing as advice can change seasonally – but there are some mowing tips that are timeless.

How to mow your lawn

Quick Tips

Firstly - always ensure that the blades of your lawnmower are sharp. Blunt blades can damage your grass.

Secondly, never cut wet grass.

And finally, never leave your mower clippings on the lawn.

First up, we'll take you through how to mow a new lawn.

Mowing a new lawn

Once you have sown a new lawn, it will take 6-8 weeks for it to become fully grown. Wait until grass blades are hitting 5-7cm in height before you give the lawn its first mow.

Set your mower to the highest setting, so that you are only taking off the top of your grass. We’re just doing a little tidy up – not a short back and sides! Cutting the grass too short for its first mow can damage it, so don’t ignore this advice.

Now for how to mow an existing lawn.

Existing Lawn

An existing lawn should be mowed regularly to the correct mowing height for your needs. After the first mow you can begin to drop the setting on your mower to the recommended height for the level of use your lawn gets.

Lawns that get a lot of use should be mown between 20-40mm...

... and finer lawns that are just for show can be cut slightly shorter at 10-20mm.

Your first and last mow of the season, regardless of what type of lawn you have, should be on the highest setting.

In spring and summer, you should mow your lawn once a week. Mowing your lawn too much can stress your grass, so try not to mow any more than this! Sit back, relax and enjoy your lawn in between mows.

And it should go without saying, but during a heatwave or drought - do not mow your lawn.