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How to pick your wildflower mix

Wildflowers can be some of the easiest garden flora to sow, grow and maintain. Aside from their beautiful blooms, wildflowers will attract bees, butterflies and more. When not in bloom, wildflower meadows can also provide a habitat for local wildlife. Whilst it is easy to sow wildflowers, they do need good seedbed preparation and there are some other factors you need to consider before sowing.

How to pick your wildflower mix

Number one on your list to consider is site selection.

In order for your wildflowers to grow well, you’ll need to sow them in an area free of grass, weeds or flora.  

The first step in sowing wildflowers is to choose a suitable site for sowing, and this will influence your wildflower choice. You should consider;

● The size of the area
● The soil type of the area
● The shade level of the area
● The overall look you are trying to achieve

The size of the area

Some wildflower mixes contain grass, and some do not. The main reason for mixes including grass is to keep weeds from popping up, and to create a year-round habitat for wildlife.

Mixes without grass are mainly for display to be used in a flower bed or border.

For a large area, we recommend that you sow a wildflower mix that contains grass. This helps to keep the area weed free. For a smaller area you can also sow a mix that contains grass, but if you want to have a full flower bed – you should sow a 100% wildflower mix.

The soil type of the area

The second thing you should consider is the soil type where you are going to sow your wildflowers. 

Most of our wildflowers suit normal soil conditions, but our Clay Display mix is specially suited for growing in clay soils and introduces a kaleidoscope of colour to your garden.

The shade type of the area

You should also consider how much shade there is in the area.

If it receives a considerable amount of shade then our Shade Showcase mix will grow best here as it contains wildflower species that simply love shadier spots in your garden.

The overall look you are trying to achieve

For areas with no shade and a normal soil type, you can sow our Bees Please or Hi Butterfly mix.

Bees Please attracts bumblebees through its vast display of vibrant and nectar-rich wildflowers.

While Hi Butterfly is the perfect invitation for butterflies to come and explore your colourful collection of wildflowers.

The mix of grasses in both create wonderful habitats for wildlife when the wildflowers are not in bloom.

The perfect showpiece that looks great in a flower bed or border is our Absolutely Annuals mix, made up of 100% wildflowers that will bloom 60-80 days after they are sown.