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How to repair a dog damaged lawn

If you’re a dog owner, the chances are that you have experienced a few bare and burnt patches on your lawn from time to time.

repair dog pee patches on your lawn

Knowing how to repair a dog damaged lawn will get your tired, worn-looking grass back to full health. A dotted lawn can become a well-known sight, and while you may have given up hopes of your dream lawn, don’t give up so soon! We have a few recommendations that can help you dog-proof your lawn and repair any damage that has been done so far.

It’s time to overseed your dog damaged lawn!

If your lawn is a play pitch for your dogs, you will begin to notice the effects of this over time. Dog urine damage and thinning spots are the most common side effects of a dog on your lawn. While these might look unattractive, they can be easily fixed with a quick bit of overseeding. If you are new to the overseeding process, you can follow our video guide on how to overseed your lawn, where we go through each step, so you can get it right first time. Even if you have overseeded your lawn before, make sure to follow our top tips for overseeding so you can get your dream lawn back again!

Give your lawn a good feed!

A great way to improve the look of your lawn after dogs have damaged it is to feed it. Using lawn food will help to boost the greenness of your lawn, and improve its thickness, and it will also help to improve the overall health of your lawn. If you are looking for a quick solution to green up your lawn, then you can try using our Oh So Green lawn food, designed to work over six weeks to revitalise the appearance of your lawn and even out any thinning spots that may have appeared.

Pre-seed feed gives your damaged lawn a boost before sowing

Alternatively, our Pre-Seed First Feed gives seedlings the quick boost they need to speed up growth so you can get your patchy grass back to normal fast. Make sure to keep pets and children off your lawn during application and until the lawn food granules have dissolved. For a longer-term solution, we recommend feeding your lawn twice a year.

Once in the spring months with our All Summer Long lawn feed, and then once in the autumn with our Winter Remedy lawn food. By using these, you will help to keep your lawn healthy year-round and make it stronger so that it can deal with any challenges, like dog urine and damage, much better.  Of course, if you want a child and pet-friendly lawn food look no further than our All Natural Nutriboost. With warmer temperatures coming our way, this 100% organic lawn feed will begin to break down on your lawn and feed it, providing 16 months of uninterrupted vibrant colour and lawn health.

Choose a strong seed to repair your damaged lawn!

Finding a lawn seed that is suited to the reality of the rough and tumble of playing with your dogs will help you in the long run. Our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn grass seed is full of our strongest seeds, that have been created to help withstand the everyday demands of a dog. It’s a fast-growing mix that will be quick to recover your grass so it won’t stay patchy or damaged for too long!

Keep your eyes peeled!

This is much easier said than done, but if you can keep an eye on where your dog pees, then you stand a much better chance of reducing the effects of dog urine. There is a high level of nitrogen in dogs’ urine, so naturally, when this is applied in such close proximity to your lawn, it will wreak havoc. If it is left to sit and seep into your soil, your lawn will start to show yellow and dry patches. These can eventually go brown and die, so you will need to repair those patches with overseeding.

To help minimise the effects of dog urine, you can keep a watchful eye over your dog when they step outside. If you notice them peeing on your lawn, watering over the spot will massively help reduce the effects of the nitrogen. It will disperse and dilute it, so the effects are reduced or eliminated completely.

For more information on How to repair a dog damaged lawn and repair pee patches in on blog on dealing with dog pee patches on your lawn!

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