How to save your wildflower seed

How to save your wildflower seed

How to save your wildflower seed

How to save your wildflower seed
There’s nothing quite like seeing your wildflower meadow in bloom and picking your favourites, so for this to happen every year you'll need to seed save.

Knowing how to save your wildflower seed is a pretty easy process; with four simple steps, we will guide you through!

Step 1: Make sure the timing is right

When it comes to the end of the blooming season, your wildflowers will turn crisp and brown, and their heads will be full of seeds. This is the best time to seed save and typically happens in Autumn.

Step 2: Identifying your wildflowers

Before you start to collect your wildflower seeds, it’s always good to know what seeds you are collecting so that you know for sowing the following year. Doing this will make it easier when it comes to organising and storing your seeds.

You can easily pick your favourites and seal these off in envelopes, or you can pick the seeds of all your wildflowers and create your own mix. You may want to forward plan for this and decide to sow only annual wildflowers such as our Absolutely Annuals mix.

Step 3: Collecting the seeds

Once you have collected your wildflower seeds, you will need to store them for reseeding. Our top tip for storing and organising seeds is to use small envelopes. As we mentioned, if you have already identified your seeds, you can label each envelope to keep everything organised. You’ll thank yourself next year when you know exactly what you are sowing! Now you can shake your seed head directly into each envelope and seal.

Step 4: Storing your seeds

Now that your seeds are safely tucked away in their individual envelopes, you need to store them correctly. We recommend keeping your seeds stored in a cool, dry place and do not store your seeds in plastic as this will encourage condensation.

Now you know how to save your wildflower seed, then comes the hard part - waiting until Spring or Autumn to sow your saved seeds again!

Once you've saved your seeds, you may wish to maintain your wildflower meadow further.