Pre-Seed First Feed

    • Gives your seed the best possible start
    • Accelerates growth and root development
    • Thickens and greens up existing grass
  • 10kg
    Covers up to143m2
  • £ 0.00

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Pre-Seed First Feed

Setting your seed up with the best foundation for growth will go a long way to producing the perfect lawn. Our Pre-Seed First Feed is packed with all the nutrients your lawn needs to accelerate the growth of new seedlings and get your ultimate lawn well underway! Due to its fast-acting nature, this lawn food is also perfect for fixing up wear and tear patches and can be used as a general lawn feed from March to September.

Mixture Breakdown

NPK 6.9.6

More Information

Recommended application rate 70g per m2
When to use March - September
Time to wait before seeding 10 days
⚠️ Safety precautions Store this lawn food in a cool and dry environment out of reach from kids and pets when not in use.
Keep kids and pets away from the lawn during application and until the granules dissolve.
⚠️ Product precautions Water the lawn food granules in until they dissolve, and you cannot see them on the surface of your lawn.
Remove and water off any footwear you were wearing during the application of the lawn food to avoid any risk of damage to patios.

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