Shade Showcase

  • Shaded Area Wildflower Seed
    • Full of stunning shade-loving wildflowers 
    • Makes a vivid meadow in shadey spots
    • Wonderful for wildlife
  • 100g
    Covers up to20m2
  • 500g
    Covers up to100m2
  • 1kg
    Covers up to200m2
  • £ 0.00

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Shade Showcase

Some spots in your garden may pose a problem due to a lack of light, but they can easily become purposeful again with our signature shade wildflower seed mix of annuals and perennials. Bluebell, Foxglove and Forget-Me-Nots mirror the wildflowers you would naturally find growing wild on the forest floor as they favour dark and moist conditions. Our Shade Showcase mix will thrive in your shaded areas and bring them back into the light with fascinating, flamboyant flora!

Mixture Breakdown

Hedge Woundwort
White Campion
Wild Carrot
Corn Poppy
Meadow Sweet
Wood Sage
Cow Parsley
Hedge Parsley (Upright)
Wood Avens
Square Stemmed St. Johns Wort
0.6% Garlic Mustard
Dames Violet
Bladder Campion
Forget Me Not
Slender Creeping Red Fescue
Tall Fescue
Red Campion
Crested Dogstail
Strong Creeping Red Fescue
Wood Meadow Grass

More Information

Sowing rate 5g per m2
When to see blooms This wildflower mix contains meadow grass, annual wildflowers and perennial wildflowers. The meadow grass in this mix helps to keep weeds at bay and will also provide a habitat for wildlife. The meadow grass will grow first when  temperatures are 10 degrees and above. The annual wildflowers will follow and bloom 60-80 days after they are sown. The perennial wildflowers will take up to 12 months to bloom.

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