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How often should I mow my lawn in summer?

Believe it or not, mowing can really make the difference between a healthy lawn and one that may struggle. Not only will mowing make your lawn look better, but it will also help to ensure that your lawn is looking it’s very best all summer long.

How often should I mow my lawn in summer?

Even if you have a rigorous lawn care routine throughout the spring months, this can be quickly undone if you don’t keep up with your mowing to control the growth of your grass.

In summer, your lawn mowing regime can change as quickly as our UK weather, so we’ve given you the lowdown on how often to mow your lawn. Keep scrolling!

How often should I be mowing my lawn?

During summer, our lawn grows at a pretty rapid pace, so your mowing schedule will need to fit around this. The mixture of heat and water will put the accelerator pedal down on the growth of your lawn, and you will start to notice that your grass needs to be cut almost as soon as you’ve just done it!

In ideal conditions, you should be mowing every 7-10 days. Mowing too frequently, i.e. 7 days or less, can weaken your grass and if your blades aren’t sharp – can hinder rather than help.

There are times when this will change, and you should take note of those to ensure that you don’t cause any harm to your lawn. If we experience a period of drought, your lawn growth will likely slow down. During this time, refrain from mowing your lawn and keep it long, as this will help your lawn to bounce back when rain returns. For more information on how to care for your lawn during a drought, read our guide here.

The nitty-gritty of lawn mowing

Now that you know how often to mow your lawn, it will help if you can understand the more detailed parts of lawn mowing, like how high your lawn mower blades should be, and why different lawn types require a different method of mowing.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend only taking one-third of your grass blade, this will remove only the top section, creating an even and neat look. But, if you know exactly what lawn you have, then you can start to change your mowing schedule and habits to suit your lawn.

For your everyday lawn

If your lawn is the centre of your home and plays host to all sorts of events throughout the summer, then you will need to mow accordingly. Lawns that get a lot of use should aim to mow at 20-40mm. This height will keep your lawn looking neat and won’t take away too much from your lawn surface. This will keep your lawn looking nice and full, while also allowing the lawn to keep growing strong and thick. If you have used our Fast Grow Family Lawn, Tough Stuff Lush Lawn, or New Build Dream Home, mowing at a height of 20-40mm will be suitable for these.

For a VIP lawn

If you have used our Super Fine Luxury Lawn, then you have opted for a finer, more ornamental lawn, so a regular mowing height that is used for everyday lawns won’t suit. Instead, you will be able to reduce your mowing height to 10-20mm. The result will be a neat and close mow, that will create a Wimbledon-worthy finish across your lawn. If you want to learn how to stripe your lawn, read our blog here!

Regardless of the mowing height never leave your lawn for more than 10 to 14 days between cuts as you may leave yourself susceptible to weeds.

Mowing a new or recently seeded lawn

Remember, if you have recently sown a new lawn in summer – you must not mow the lawn until the 6-8 week mark when grass blades are hitting 5-7cm. Although your grass may be growing quickly, don’t be tempted to mow it as it will not be rooted yet.

Mowing top tips

As with most gardening tasks, the more you know the better, and mowing is no different. If you are new to mowing, make sure you follow our helpful video on how to mow your lawn. Once you have mastered the basics, you can start to perfect your mowing routine. Before you do that, make sure you follow our 5 mowing tips to make sure that you have all areas covered to achieve the perfect mow.

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