Super Fine Luxury Lawn

  • Luxury Fine Grass Seed
  • Finest fescue grass seed
  • Tolerates low mowing for statement stripes
  • Great for sandy, drought-stricken soils

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Product Description carrat-down

This luxury mix contains the finest grass seed to create the most premium and pristine greens - making your neighbours absolutely emerald with envy! Super Fine Luxury Lawn can be mown low to help you replicate the standout stripes seen at stately homes and will also grow strong in sandy drought-stricken soils. As an ornamental lawn, it will require the VIP treatment, so make sure to give it the quality care it needs.


Mixture Breakdown

Strong Creeping Red Fescue
Slender Creeping Red Fescue
Chewings Fescue
After Image
Before Image

More Information carrat-down

Sowing rate (New Lawn) 50g per m2
Sowing rate (Overseeding Existing Lawn) 35g per m2
Recommended mowing height 10 - 20mm

Use our guide to find the correct setting for your lawn seed spreader.

Product Questions carrat-down

Product Questions

Will this give me a ornamental finish?
Question by: William Johnson on 1 Apr 2022, 13:17
Hi William,

Thank you for your question. Yes, A-List Luxury Lawn contains the finest grass seeds (fescue) to help you achieve that ornamental finish. Due to the nature of the fine grass, it will tolerate close mowing so you can get those statement stripes. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to email us at

Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 1 Apr 2022, 13:46
Can you sew seed straight over the top of an existing lawn that has suffered from leather jacket infestation?
Question by: Wayn Jones on 17 Jul 2022, 17:01
Hi Wayn,
Thank you for your question. Yes you can overseed leatherjacket damage, we do have a blog on how to do this; If we can be of any further help please do not hesitate to email us at :)
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 18 Jul 2022, 08:27
Can I use this seed to oversees my lawn please
Question by: Michelle Wing on 30 Aug 2022, 07:57
Hi Michelle, thank you for your question. If you are looking for a fine lawn, you can overseed with our Super Fine Luxury Lawn mix!

This luxury mix contains the finest seed to create the most premium and pristine greens. It is made up of 100% fescue, a fine-leaved grass species that will allow you to mow it extra short for those statement stripes.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 30 Aug 2022, 08:54
Can I get stripes with this grass mix?
Question by: Eddie on 10 Feb 2023, 14:02
Hi Eddie, thanks for your question. Yes, Super Fine Luxury Lawn is perfect for striping. With the fescues being a finer grass variety and tolerating a closer mow, this looks even more impressive with stripes
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 10 Feb 2023, 14:20
Is this mix a fast grow mix?
Question by: Phil on 17 May 2023, 09:45
Hi, Phil, thanks for the question.

This mix isn't particularly fast growing and is more of a slow growing mix. It is perfect if you prefer a more "manicured" lawn or if you like a close mow.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 17 May 2023, 09:53
Does this mix contain rye grass ?
Question by: Timothy Steggles on 6 Aug 2023, 22:45
Thank you for your question. There is no perennial ryegrass within this mix and it is a 100% fescue mix.
Answer by: Alex Customer Care on 7 Aug 2023, 10:21
Is the seed bird resistant?
Also is the seed coloured?
Question by: Graham on 27 Aug 2023, 12:57
Hi Graham
Answer by: Ben Agnew on 28 Aug 2023, 11:14

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