The best grass seed for kids and pets

The best grass seed for kids and pets

The best grass seed for kids and pets

The best grass seed for kids and pets
It comes as no surprise that allowing your kids and pets to do what they please in your garden will leave your lawn looking tired. Especially when your dog is constantly digging it up and doing zoomies while your kids are running wild. Here’s some advice to help you choose the best grass seed for kids and pets and to give your garden the energy it needs to keep up!

What grass seed for gardens with kids and pets?

As a parent or dog owner, you will know that neither your kids nor pets have a mind for landscaping or gardening. But why should they – they are using your garden to have fun! But even though they are having the time of their lives, your lawn won't be enjoying it as much. And by choosing the ideal grass seed for kids and pets, you will be helping your lawn thrive year after year.

We have seed mixes that will help your lawn recover. Regardless of whether it's your pets that are wearing it out or if it's your kids (and their pals) using it as a playground - the correct seed will make your lawn lush again.

Hardwearing grass seed for dogs

Our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn was created to handle the rough and tumble dogs dish out. This hardwearing seed mix is packed with the toughest and luscious grass seeds that ensure your lawn is ultra-durable, soft, and vibrantly green. It is also useful for overseeding and filling in patches where your dog has been digging, burying, or peeing! For your convenience, we also have guides for sowing new seed and for overseeding your existing lawn.

Fast growing grass seed for homes with kids

You will need a tough grass seed that can handle the wear and tear that kids cause on your lawn. Especially if your garden’s a hotspot for playing games and running around causing the lawn to get scuffed. Conveniently, our Fast Grow Family Lawn was created exactly for this purpose. This seed mix contains quality seeds that are ideal for a high-traffic family lawn. This grass also recovers quickly and grows fast.

The best grass seed for kids and pets

To give your lawn additional strength and boost the greenness of your lawn, it’s a good idea to feed your lawn using pet-friendly organic lawn food.

This grass feed is child and pet-friendly while giving your lawn the essential nutrients needed to thrive all year round. This organic lawn food is safe. But keep your kids and pets away from the lawn when applying the feed until the granules dissolve. This will help feed your lawn properly and ensures your grass gets the maximum benefit from it.

You may also find our guide on how to use lawn food and our guide on how to repair patches on a dog pee-damaged lawn useful.

We hope that you now have some ideas on how to revitalise your lawn. But if you would like any advice, please feel free to contact us via email at