The last grass cut of the season

The last grass cut of the season

The last grass cut of the season

The last grass cut of the season
In some parts of the UK our last grass cuts of the season may have taken place as far back as October, but for others in milder areas you may be considering when it’s time to put the mower into hibernation.

When is the last cut for grass?

Although grass seed growth doesn’t stop, it does slow down, and this is a good indication that you should stop mowing your lawn. Whilst we refer to the lawn being dormant now, it’s really just having a little nap! You’ll begin to notice after mowing that your grass doesn’t grow back as fast and stays in a neater condition for longer. If this happens to your grass, it’s time to carry out the last grass cut of the season!

Our video below helps ensure your UK lawn gets the most out of its last grass cut of the year!

Is there a cut-off point?

Aside from grass growth appearing to stop, the cut-off point for your last grass cut of the season should be any sign of frost or snow. Your grass is already vulnerable to these colder conditions, and aiming to cut it in this state could hinder more than help. We love nothing more than a neat and tidy lawn, too, but it's time to sit back, relax and look forward to the festive season!

How to complete your last grass cut of the season

Check a weather forecast and make sure no rain or frost is heading your way. When you have a dry day, mow your lawn on the highest setting on your lawnmower and remove all clippings. This is also a great time to give your lawn mower a little bit of TLC – a good hose down will keep it looking its best and remove any left behind or dead grass.

With your last mow complete and your lawn looking great, retire the lawn mower to the shed and enjoy your well-deserved break! Now is also a good time to service your mower, this includes making sure the blades are sharp!

Below, we have included a few helpful guides to keep your lawn in top shape during the winter months:

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