What should I feed my lawn before sowing?

What should I feed my lawn before sowing?

What should I feed my lawn before sowing?

What should I feed my lawn before sowing?
Feeding your lawn prior to sowing can help set up the best foundation for your new seedlings growth, but what one should you use?

Whether you're sowing a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn, or even just doing some patch up repairs - feeding your lawn beforehand can really speed up the growth of your new seedlings.

Pre-Seed First Feed

Pre-Seed First Feed is a balanced feed packed with all the nutrients your seedlings need to get off to the best start. Because it has the three nutrients your lawn needs in equal measure, it ensures your seedlings are fed around the clock for six solid weeks. Nitrogen in this feed encourages new leaf growth and greeness, Phosphate builds up your seedlings root system, and Potassium helps to 'harden' your seedlings so they can grow up big and strong and fight off disease! This can be used on a new lawn, to patch up thinning or damaged areas. If you have some left over, as this is a balanced feed you can continue to use it from March to September for any seeding or as a general lawn feed. Apply at a rate of 70g per m2 by hand when wearing a glove or by using a spreader, water in until the granules dissolve, wait 10 days and then you can start sowing!

Oh So Green

As your new seedlings will be super green and lush as they begin to grow, Oh So Green is a great feed for an existing lawn that needs to be overseeded, as this will help it become one uniform colour. Oh So Green is a fast-acting six week feed that will green up your whole lawn in no time! Feeding your lawn beforehand saves you a job after, so once your overseeded lawn is fully grown you can mow it and sit back and enjoy all your hard work. Same rules apply as our Pre-Seed First Feed - apply at 70g per m2, water in until the granules dissolve and wait 10 days before seeding.

All Summer Long

All Summer Long is a four month spring / summer feed, so not only sets up your new seedlings for great growth but will keep your whole lawn in good condition for the full 16 weeks following. All Summer Long is a steady feed that works to ensure a consistently green and healthy lawn and is a great option for those who want a longer lasting solution. Apply this feed 10 days before seeding at a rate of 35g per m2. Water in well, and watch as your whole lawn becomes green in a matter of weeks and stays that way - All Summer Long!

3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue

For a lawn food that can do three jobs in one such as feed, green and weed your lawn in one application, then look no further than our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue. This is a great option for use before overseeding an existing lawn, as it will remove all weeds and moss and also prep your soil for seeding - and can save you a lot of work in the process! Apply 14 days before seeding to allow it to thoroughly fix your lawn. The product works in 3 steps;

● First, moss will blacken and weeds will begin to shrink and disappear
3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue will then begin feeding your lawn, making your existing grass incredibly green
● Dead moss will need to be raked out and reseeded, to return your lawn to its former glory

If you're wondering how to use your lawn food, you can find out here!