What should I feed my lawn in Autumn?

What should I feed my lawn in Autumn?

What should I feed my lawn in Autumn?

What should I feed my lawn in Autumn?
In summer, lawn food makes your grass gorgeously green and lush – so what can an autumn / winter feed do for your lawn? Well, you may be planning some autumn seeding or weeding or may want to protect your lawn for winter and a feed can give your lawn a much needed helping hand!

Winter protection

We often forget that our lawns need fed in winter too. Although we may not see the results as instantaneously, there are plenty of diseases and frost waiting about to attack your lawn when it’s supposedly at its ‘weakest’! However, a winter feed can make a great difference to your lawn during the colder weather and ensure that when spring rolls back around there isn’t too much damage done. You can apply a winter feed as early as September or October, to ensure your lawn is protected from the get-go when winter starts setting in. Our Winter Remedy is a steady four-month balanced feed of all the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy.

Late seeding

If you’re planning some autumn seeding it’s a good idea to feed your lawn in advance to ensure a successful sowing. A pre-seed lawn feed can greatly increase your chances of growing and establishing new grass if temperatures are changeable as it provides your soil with a super boost of nutrients to speed up growth. If you’re considering sowing a new lawn, overseeding an existing lawn or simply doing some patching up – apply our Pre-Seed First Feed 10 days in advance. Water in well and watch that grass pop up (almost) out of nowhere!

Killing weeds and moss

Weed and moss growth slows down in winter so now is the perfect time to get rid of any lurking weedy and mossy nightmares! You can target individual weeds with a selective weedkiller or you can rake out minimal moss with a rake. To target both weeds and moss at once you can use our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue. Created to find the root of your lawn problem and restore it back to its former glory in just two weeks while providing your lawn with an essential feed for a further four weeks. Your lawn won’t know what’s hit it!

Learning how to feed your lawn

You can learn everything there is to know about feeding you lawn, with our easy to follow guide, complete with a step-by-step video to make sure you know just about everything there is to know about feeding your lawn.

So, while some people may wind down their lawn care over the Autumn months, your lawn will thank you for the consistent care in the cooler temperatures. When Spring time comes knocking, your lawn will be in tip top shape!