What should I feed my lawn in summer?

What should I feed my lawn in summer?

What should I feed my lawn in summer?

What should I feed my lawn in summer?
Summer is when your lawn should (hopefully) be looking its very best, so if it isn’t – a feed is more than likely the missing thing it needs!

Lawn food has lots of different purposes, but in summer its main goal is to keep your grass green and lush so it’ll stand up against warmer temperatures – and impress any impending guests!

For seeding

If you plan to sow a new lawn or overseed, its best to give your lawn a quick boost in nutrients to help speed up growth. Our Pre-Seed First Feed does just that and helps get your grass off to its best start. If you are using it on an existing lawn, your existing grass will begin to get thick, green and lush and your soil will be ready for seeding.  Apply at a rate of 70g per m2 before seeding and make sure to water in. Leave the product to work for at least 10 days. Following the 10 days you can confidently sow your seed!

For weeding

Weeds are common in most lawns and don’t always mean you aren’t taking care of it. They can be introduced by birds or can simply lay dormant in your soil until disturbed causing them to grow. If you have weeds taking over your lawn, it can be quite the task to try to remove them all individually. Our three in one product (3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue) kills weeds and moss and also feeds your lawn to get it beautifully green again. This can only be applied to a lawn that is 6 months old or more, so keep this in mind before using it. Weeds will disappear and moss will blacken and need raked out and reseeded, so this feed also preps your soil for new green grass to grow!

For general feeding

If you have no weeds or moss in your lawn and it is in generally good condition, a summer feed such as our All Summer Long will keep it looking its best throughout the warmer months. One application of this feed will keep your grass fed for four months, providing consistent greenness and thicker, lusher grass and help it stay healthy through all a UK summer has to offer!

For quick greening

If you are a frequent BBQ'er or love entertaining in your garden, then you'll want everything to look its best - and this means your lawn too. Hot dry weather can cause your lawn to yellow and a quick fix may be needed to get your lawn back up to speed on its greenness. Oh So Green is a six week feed that will have your lawn looking amazingly green in no time. Apply at a rate of 70g per m2 by hand when wearing a glove or by using a spreader, water in well and let Oh So Green take care of the rest.