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What wildflowers should I sow?

Navigating your way through the world of wildflowers is exciting, and they offer a colourful way to brighten up your garden, but which ones should you sow? To help you along your journey, we have come up with a guide to help you get to know our punchy mixes and decide which is the perfect fit for you!

What wildflowers should I sow?

Meet our ready to sow wildflower mixes

We have hand-picked five wildflower mixes and packed them with the most exciting wildflowers you can sow in your garden! The fantastic thing about wildflowers is that even if your soil is giving you nightmares or if you are plagued by shade, you still get to enjoy all the fun that wildflowers have to offer because they aren’t fussy growers – we’ve even created specialist mixes to guarantee that you get the best results!

Best 100% wildflower mix

Bloomin' Marvelous Meadow is our most luxurious and vibrant mix that contains a line-up of 100% annual and perennial wildflowers! This mix includes the nation’s favourite cornfield annuals alongside pops of colour from the likes of corn poppies and the ever-so-beautiful purple coneflower. Annuals typically only have one showing, but with the proper prep, you can get them to return the following year!

Best wildflowers for attracting bees

Pink product image of Bees Please wildflower seed

Being a proud member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we made sure to pack our Bees Please mix full of bright, sweet-smelling wildflowers that bees love, handpicked directly from the RHS Plants for Pollinators List! Delivering a multi-coloured medley of annuals and perennials, this mix is perfect for those looking to attract wildlife to their garden while enjoying the sweet-sounding hum of busy bees.

Best wildflowers for attracting butterflies

Pink product image of Hi Butterfly wildflower seed

Our Hi Butterfly mix is packed with bright, pollen-rich wildflowers that encourage butterflies to come and explore your garden! Looking out for the little guy is important, which is why we are a part of the Butterfly Conservation. The annuals and perennials in this mix create an abundance of colour, while the wild grasses provide the perfect hub for wildlife to enjoy when your wildflowers are not in bloom. Enjoy the pops of colour from coneflower and smooth blue aster, and of course, the fluttering performance of the m\any butterflies that will come because of them!

Best wildflowers to sow in shady gardens

Pink product image of Shade Showcase wildflower seed

Shade Showcase invites the forest floor into your garden – packed with wildflowers you would typically find growing on shady forest floors to create a dreamy woodland meadow. Just because they grow in dull conditions does not mean your wildflowers have to be boring; this mix contains fancy foxgloves, bright bluebells, and unforgettable forget-me-nots. The annuals and perennials in the mix will brighten up your shady areas, making this mix perfect for those looking to add life back to a shady lawn! If your grass is also struggling with shade patches, find out about the best grass seed for shade.

Best wildflowers to sow in clay soil

Pink product image of Clay Display wildflower seed

Clay Display contains annuals and perennials that are excellent at growing in the two extremes clay soil presents, making it perfect for those trying to make the most of and manage their clay soils. When sowing in spring, your wildflowers will be able to handle the dry conditions clay soil is notorious for in summer. If you prefer to sow your seeds in autumn, the seedlings will also tolerate the wet winter conditions to provide a full bloom when spring rolls around.

Why should you sow wildflowers?

There are many reasons to sow wildflowers in your garden – whether you are covering pesky patches or sowing a beautiful medley for a chosen border. With a bit of imagination, you can create a vibrantly coloured space that is buzzing, flying, fluttering, and hopping with life whilst delivering showstopper looks.

To add colour to your garden

Wildflowers bring an unrivalled beauty and charm to your garden that only they can deliver. Whether it is punchy perennials or stunning annuals, the burst of colour they add to your garden will surely liven up even the dullest of areas. By using a mix of British and American wildflowers in our bags, we can select the brightest of the bunch to ensure you are left with a brightly coloured meadow at the end of sowing.

Helps bees & pollinators

Wildflowers offer pollinators, bees, butterflies, and insects food from their leaves, pollen and nectar while giving them a place to call home and take shelter as they travel across your garden. These pollinators then return the favour by moving pollen across the meadow, enabling your wildflowers to develop seeds that produce more flowers!

Tackling troublesome spots

If you find yourself pulling your hair out over trying to get those troublesome spots in your garden to grow, wildflowers could be the answer to your problems! Wildflowers aren’t just a pretty face; they are also rough and ready, loving to thrive in low-nutrient soils – meaning if you find yourself struggling with clay soils or a shady lawn, we have wildflowers that cannot wait to leave their mark on your garden!

Best wildflowers for sowing in large areas

When it comes to showing off in larger areas, our Bees Please, Hi Butterfly, Clay Display and Shade Showcase are the ones to go for! These mixes all contain grass seed, which helps create a healthy and happy habitat for pollinators to enjoy while keeping the weeds at bay. So, if you’re looking to sow a larger meadow, these are the perfect mixes for you!

Best wildflowers for small spots of your garden

If you want to remodel a smaller rundown area, look no further than our Absolutely Annuals wildflower mix! Showing off in beds and boarders is where this mix comes into its element, thanks to being packed to the brim with 100% wildflowers, meaning it will deliver nothing but beautiful blooms!

Take a walk on the wild side

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