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When should I mow my lawn?

Did you know that you should approach mowing your lawn differently depending on the season and how old your lawn is? How and when you choose to start mowing your lawn can make a massive difference to the look and health of your grass.

When should I mow my lawn?

Deciding when to mow depends on your location and the season

"When should I mow my lawn?" is a common question, but the answer depends on a few things, including where you live in the country and what time of year it is. When it comes to deciding when to give your grass its first mow of the season, this will never be the same for someone living in the north of Scotland as it would be for someone in the south of England, and different everywhere else in between.

You should start mowing your lawn again when temperatures are rising and kickstart your grass growth for another season – growth will resume when temperatures are 10°C and above. Generally, the mowing season is between March and October. However, this mainly depends on the weather, and when you start and stop mowing can change each year.

What time of the year should I mow my lawn?

Mowing your lawn in spring

This is when you will dust the cobwebs off your lawnmower from winter and give your lawn its first mow of the year, usually around mid-March. From there on, you should aim to mow your lawn at least once a week.

If you are trying to grow a Super Fine Luxury Lawn, the height of your lawn will determine how often you bring out your mower. You could find that you are mowing your lawn twice a week to keep it at the desired height of 10-20mm. Otherwise, you should keep your mower height to 20-40mm for lawns that receive a lot of use.

Mowing your lawn in summer

Summer temperatures will accelerate grass growth, and you should double down on your mowing, cutting twice per week. If temperatures begin to rise, it is best to raise your blade height to keep your grass longer. This will help your lawn maintain moisture for longer and cope better with drought.

During times of drought, grass growth will almost come to a complete standstill, and you should avoid mowing your lawn entirely so as not to put extra stress on your lawn. If you cannot stand the sight of your garden and it desperately needs cut during a drought, mow your lawn on the highest mower setting to give it the best chance of staying healthy.

Mowing your lawn in autumn

Mowing season is coming to an end as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop lower, causing grass growth to slow down. You should approach mowing your lawn in autumn similarly to spring, mowing once per week.

Autumn is usually when you will perform your last cut of the season, and when you do, you should mow on the highest setting to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter environment.

Mowing your lawn in winter

Just as sowing season comes to an end from October onwards, so does mowing season. In southern parts of the UK, you may find that your grass is still growing, but it’s best to keep it on a higher setting so it can remain resilient throughout the winter.

If you find your lawn needing a trim, mow on the highest setting, avoiding times when the soil is too soft or frozen, as this will damage your lawn. Once temperatures have dropped and grass growth has stalled, you can tuck your mower away for another season.

What time of day should I mow my lawn?

You want to mow your lawn at a stage of the day when it will have time to recover from the stress of being cut before standing up to seasonal weather. 


Mowing is best kept to mid-morning (8 AM – 10 AM) and late afternoon (4 PM – 6 PM) to avoid exposing freshly cut grass to the midday sun and avoid any morning dew that would cause your grass to be damaged by the mower blades.


Mowing is harder to put a timeframe on as the weather and temperatures are harder to predict. Generally, around midday (12 PM – 3 PM) is best, allowing any rain and moisture left on the grass from the morning to dry so your mower can cut your lawn without tearing at the blades. This allows time for your grass to recover, so the ends of the blades aren’t left exposed to the evening cold and frost.

When should I mow a newly established lawn

When it comes to mowing a newly established lawn, you should give your seedlings 6 weeks before they first encounter your mower. Doing so allows them time to grow fully, meaning they won’t be damaged by the blades and will continue to grow healthy.

The first mow needs to be carried out on the highest setting, then you can gradually drop to the recommended height for your type of lawn – 20-40mm for a family lawn and 10-20mm for an ornamental one.

Mowing tips and tricks

Sharp blades

Keeping your blades sharp is important as dull blades drag at the ends of grass and cause their tips to turn yellow, and as trendy as coloured tips may be right now, we think you will agree this is a trend best kept away from your grass.

One third rule

If you have let your lawn go or been away on holiday and it has grown too long, don’t be tempted to mow it really short suddenly – it will only weaken the grass and invite weeds and moss into your garden and cause your lawn to become uneven and discoloured.

You should only cut a third off the height of your lawn each mow to keep your lawn growing green and healthy. So, take the extra time and split your mow into two, allowing time for your lawn to recover in between. This will save you a lot of extra work in the long run from overseeding dead grass!

Now that you know when you should mow your lawn – find out what lawnmower is best!

Or, if you are chasing that showstopper look – find out how to stripe your lawn!

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