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When to feed a lawn

A beautiful, thriving lawn is a source of pride for homeowners, and knowing how and when to feed a lawn will help you achieve that goal. Below we share some expert advice on when to feed your lawn at different times of the year and tips to get your garden growing emerald green as best it can!

feeding grass on lawn with lawn food

Consider the season before feeding your lawn

Knowing when to feed a lawn and how often is as important as any other step on this list! We recommend feeding your grass with lawn food at least twice a year – once in autumn and once in spring. You can generally apply lawn fertiliser anywhere between March and October. Adding an additional fast-acting, 6-seed feed during the summer months is good for boosting the health and hardiness of your lawn to ensure it's super green all-year-round!


Spring is a very beneficial time for lawn feeding as it kickstarts growth after winter dormancy. Apply a 16-week, long-lasting feed in early spring when temperatures are at 10°C and above for at least two weeks. This provides essential nutrients for vigorous growth and recovery from winter stress.


After the spring feed, your lawn should be looking its very best come summer! But warm weather, family gatherings and kids and pets loving the summer sun often means your lawn can be left looking tired and worn out. A 6-week, fast-acting fertiliser is the answer to help keep your grass growing green and lush, and it will help it stand up against warmer temperatures and combat common lawn pests and diseases!


Autumn is the prime season for lawn fertilisation, especially to help prepare it for the approaching cold weather of winter. Apply a nitrogen-rich fertiliser in autumn, about six to eight weeks before the first expected frost - this is best done in early September or October. Feeding your lawn at this time will promote strong root development, help the grass store nutrients for winter, and ensure a healthy lawn in the following spring.


Feeding your lawn in winter is unnecessary as the grass is dormant (a bit like hibernation) during these colder months. Instead, you can carry out some lawn maintenance or take steps to prepare your garden and gardening equipment for spring.

Observe lawn health and growth patterns

While following seasonal guidelines is important, you should also monitor the health and growth patterns of your lawn. Regularly check for signs of nutrient deficiency, such as pale or yellowish colour, thinning, or patchy and slow-growing areas. If you notice your lawn is doing something strange, check out our guide on common lawn pests, or contact us, and we can have a look at it for you.

Tips for applying lawn feed properly

Selecting the ideal lawn food to get the required results and using the correct process for applying it is just as important as timing. So, follow our tips below for the best results:

Long Lasting Lawn Food (16-week feed)

Long Lasting 16-week Lawn Food slowly seeps into the soil and provides your grass with nutrients to keep it growing strong over a longer period of time. This type of fertiliser, with its long-lasting effects, will prevent overfeeding your lawn and is a good feeding solution to keep your lawn in tip-top shape over winter or to keep up to speed with summer BBQs and family gatherings.

Fast Acting Lawn Food (6-week feed)

However, suppose you have specific requirements such as quickly revitalising your lawn’s vibrant green colour, preparing for seeding or eliminating weeds and moss. In that case, we recommend opting for Fast Acting Lawn Food, which feeds your lawn quickly with a dense dose of nutrients over six weeks to give it a boost of colour and growth.

Read the instructions

Lawn food products consist of various elements that enhance the growth of your grass. For this reason, it's essential to carefully read the instructions and avoid applying any fertiliser. You can find the instructions for our Lawn Food products by watching our video below or by scanning the QR code found on the back of the bag.

Use a spreader

Using a spreader to evenly distribute your lawn food across your lawn will get you the best results when using lawn food. This avoids over or under-fertilising certain areas and ensures all parts of your grass are fed efficiently!

Water after application

Water your lawn thoroughly after applying the granules until they dissolve completely. This helps the nutrients penetrate the soil and reduce the risk of burning the grass. Ensure your family and pets stay off the grass when applying and for a while afterwards so the lawn food can get to work and everyone is safe.

Knowing when to feed a lawn

Timing is crucial when it comes to feeding your lawn. By understanding the lawn food you will be using and its desired effect, considering the season, observing lawn health, and using proper application techniques, you will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow as best it can. This will result in a well-fertilised lawn that will reward you with a beautiful, healthy green space that enhances your outdoor environment for years to come.

If you have any questions about when to feed a lawn or our lawn food products, or if you would like advice on anything to get your lawn gleaming green again, please get in touch; we are always happy to help.

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