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How to choose the best lawn food

Just like grass seed, the best lawn food for your lawn is one that is fit for purpose. Different lawn food products will do different things for your lawn. For example, they may work over a shorter or longer amount of time or need to be used in a certain season.

How to choose the best lawn food

Other times, a lawn food has a very specific use such as killing weeds and moss whilst also feeding your lawn.

This can sometimes make choosing the right lawn food confusing. But one thing’s for sure is that feeding your lawn, whatever product you use, will keep it healthy.

At a minimum you should aim to feed your lawn twice a year – once in autumn and once in spring. It is always best to use a lawn food that works over a longer period of time so you don’t overfeed your lawn with too many treatments.

However, if you need a lawn feed for a specific reason, for example  a quick fix to green up your lawn, a boost before seeding or you need to kill off weeds and moss – then a lawn food that works over a shorter period of time is recommended.

At the beginning of spring, you should apply a spring / summer feed such as our All Summer Long that lasts up to 4 months and helps to keep your lawn green, weed and disease free.

As we approach autumn, you should apply an autumn / winter feed such as our Winter Remedy, which also lasts four months to protect your lawn from frost and snow.

Our All Natural Nutriboost can be used in both Spring and Autumn and is 100% organic.

The combination of these treatments keeps your lawn fed for eight months of the year. Between November and February, your lawn is considered dormant, so there is no need to feed it.

There may be times when you require an additional lawn feed to do a specific job for you. Our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue completes four jobs in one to kill off weeds and moss and feed and green your lawn.

For sowing a new lawn or overseeding an existing one, our Pre-Seed First Feed contains all the necessary nutrients to get your new grass off to a flying start.