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Dog pee patches in lawn

Having a dog usually means making some compromises – like having fur on the sofa, muddy paws on the floor and chewed up trainers just to have their wonderful company. And if you have a dog and a lawn, you’ll know that the compromises don’t stop there, and dog pee patches will be a familiar feature!

Dog pee patches on grass garden lawn

What are dog pee patches?

Dog pee contains a chemical called Nitrogen, which, although found in lawn food to make your grass green, will cause your lawn to go patchy when your pup keeps going to the bathroom in the same area and will need overseeding with fresh grass seed!

The same chemical is in some lawn food products, and it helps to make your grass green. However, when you apply lawn food products, they need to be watered to dilute the chemical into the soil. If you don't water in lawn food, it will burn the blades of your grass and turn them yellow.

When your dog urinates on your lawn, this nitrogen seeps into your grass blades and soil. This same burning effect will occur, but if you can water the grass or if it rains afterwards, the dog pee will not damage your lawn.

As nitrogen, when diluted, is good for your lawn, you will notice spots of superbly lush green grass – this is where your dog has been!

How can I get rid of dog pee patches on your lawn?

If your dog’s urine has burnt your grass, there is no way to recover that patch. The best thing to do is remove the affected grass and fill in the patch with a hardwearing grass seed such as our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn.

If the patches are very green, you can colour match these spots by feeding your whole lawn with a lawn food that promises greenness - such as our Oh So Green.

How can I prevent them?

Unless you train your four-legged friend to urinate in a certain area of your garden or set up an area where they can do this, dog pee patches will be inevitable. However, with a bit of supervision, you can water these areas to stop the dog pee from burning your lawn and turn them into super green patches instead!

Our guide on how to keep your lawn healthy will help ensure your garden grass remains as green and healthy all year round:

We have included a few extra pieces of help and advice below for further reading:

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