Typically, our lawns will emerge from winter looking a bit worse for wear. Lawns can look dry, yellowed and even dead.
At this time of year, gardening activities begin to wind down. Lawnmowers are tucked away, and gardening gloves have been replaced with your favourite winter woollies. So, keep reading our winter lawn care tips to ensure your garden looks as beautiful in spring as it did after all your hard work ...
In some parts of the UK our last grass cuts of the season may have taken place as far back as October, but for others in milder areas you may be considering when it’s time to put the mower into hibernation.
The key to feeding your lawn in winter is to apply a winter lawn feed during autumn. The benefit of an autumn / winter lawn feed is that your grass will already have received its boost of nutrients before the cold winter weather arrives and will be ready for everything winter throws its way!
At this point in the year, our lawns can look a bit worse for wear. While spring is on the horizon, we’re not out of the woods just yet.
Did you know that you should approach mowing your lawn differently depending on the season and how old your lawn is? How and when you choose to start mowing your lawn can make a massive difference to the look and health of your grass.
Homeowners dream of having a lush, green lawn all year round to make their gardens feel complete. If yours is looking a bit under the weather, then follow our helpful tips on how to make grass green fast.
The winter is a time when we slow down and spend more time enjoying the warmth of indoors. Meanwhile, the local wildlife in the area surrounding your house is as busy as ever. Birds, hedgehogs, and squirrels (to name a few) are looking for food and somewhere to call home for the cold months ...
Now that we are on the edge of winter after a reasonably mild autumn, you may have some wear and tear on your lawn. Especially, after this year’s welcome spells of hot weather that encouraged more activity in the garden! This blog post will help you decide if it’s too late to sow now and ...
Lawn spreaders are a great way to ensure even coverage while overseeding or sowing a new lawn to avoid patchiness. They are also extremely helpful for applying lawn food or fertiliser to help minimise fertiliser burn and to make sure all areas receive the same amount of product.
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