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How to get a green lawn

As our lawns emerge from winter, they can look a little worse for wear, and with summer just around the corner there’s no doubt you’ll want to make your neighbours green with envy! But how do you get a green lawn, and fast?

How to get a green lawn

Quick Fix

A green lawn is the sign of a healthy lawn that benefits from regular care and maintenance, but even if your garden grass is more yellow than green, it can be easy to green it up in just a matter of weeks. Feeding your lawn is just one of the things that you can do to get your lawn green again. Spring and summer lawn feeds are full of nitrogen, which gives your lawn that vibrant emerald hue, and when you apply them to your grass, they will enhance the colour and thicken up any thinning you may be experiencing.

Different lawn foods for different purposes

Of course, there are different types of lawn foods, so we’ll walk you through what one to choose. If your lawn is in generally good condition with no patches or weeds or moss, then our Oh So Green will provide instant greening to get it summer-ready. Oh So Green works over six weeks to boost the colour of your lawn and feed it to give it that extra healthy appearance.

If you’re not in such a rush and would like to see those same results for longer, then our All Summer Long feed is the one for you. If you are repairing patches or sowing a new lawn from scratch, our Pre-Seed First Feed will give you the very best foundation for growth to ensure that when your new grass comes through, it gets off to the best possible start. Our feed also aids root development and encourages faster growth to make sure your baby seedlings grow up big and strong!

3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue

If you have a lot of weeds and moss in your lawn but also want to green up your existing grass quickly, then our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue is the product you have been waiting for! 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue does all the hard work for you and works over six weeks to kill off weeds and moss and feed and green your lawn.

If you want to green up your lawn the all-natural way, our All Natural Nutriboost is an entirely organic feed that can be used nearly all year round.

Staying evergreen

Feeding can offer a quick green-up when your lawn needs it most and give your existing grass the boost it needs, but for long-lasting results, you may be wondering what you can do. In this case, overseeding is the answer. The process of sowing new seeds, as well as the preparation work that goes into it, can give you the healthy lawn you’ve been longing for. The removal of weeds and moss and dethatching all help towards the extra results of a successful overseed.

Seasonally overseeding will also help your lawn thrive!

When you sow new grass seed, this helps to thicken and green up the overall appearance of your lawn. Seasonally overseeding in spring and autumn will help you achieve a thick and healthy lawn all year round, as well as repair any patches should they appear.

To have a successful overseed, you should make sure that you are using the right grass seed for your lawn. For example, if your lawn suffers from shade or clay soils – it's best to go for a mix that will grow in these areas instead of a finer ornamental mix. After all, this is what will grow best and contribute towards your green lawn credentials!

Be vigilant

Feeding and overseeding are your first steps to a green and luscious lawn, but even with this level of care, some things can crop up in your lawn that can disturb your otherwise green lawn. Dog pee patches, overfeeding or overwatering your lawn, lawn diseases such as red thread and pests such as leatherjackets can quickly turn your lawn from green to yellow – so it’s best to look out for these things and aim for prevention rather than cure.

If you are well on your way to achieving the green lawn of your dreams, why not level up on your lawn care regime and check out our guide on how to stripe your lawn and whether or not you should top dress it!

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