How to get stripes in your lawn

How to get stripes in your lawn

How to get stripes in your lawn

How to get stripes in your lawn
Is it a bird, is it a plane – nope it’s just a lawn mower with a rear roller! There’s no great science to achieving a striped lawn besides having the right equipment. But if you want to get the full know-how, we’ve explained it in our quick guide on how to stripe your lawn, below.

What causes the stripes?

When the sun shines on grass blades pushed in different directions, they can appear as two different colours or different hues of green. And this creates lawn stripes when brushed in a line in opposite directions. Keep reading for helpful advice on how to stripe your lawn to ensure your garden is the talk of the street!

How to get stripes in your lawn properly

You can achieve lawn stripes by using a mower with a rear roller that pushes the grass blades backwards and forwards. Or you can use a brush for a smaller area.

Do I need to have a certain type of lawn to achieve lawn stripes?

You don’t have to have a certain type of lawn for lawn stripes to appear. But the stripes will be more prominent if you follow a few steps below.

Step One: Keep it green, weed and disease free

Naturally, your stripes will look better if your lawn already has a nice deep green hue. A yellowing lawn may not create the look you want – so it’s better to keep up a regular feeding routine to keep your lawn looking great.

If you’ve left it too late and want a quick green, you should use a fast-acting feed such as our Oh So Green.

This will instantly begin feeding your lawn so you can turn around greener grass as quickly as ten days. Weedy and diseased grass may also hinder your striped statement lawn, so it’s best to knock this on the head before attempting your pièce de resistance.

Our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue removes moss and weeds whilst also greening your lawn. Following this, the dead (blackened) patches of moss and weeds will need to be removed and reseeded. And once grown, you can move on to creating your perfect stripes.

Step Two: Consider the finer things in life & mow low

If you’re a fan of the striped look and want your stripes to stand out, you may also consider overseeding or sowing a new finer grass seed mix.

Our Super Fine Luxury Lawn contains the finest grass seed to create a dense, lush lawn that will make your stripes pop. As this mix can be mown slightly shorter than a general-use lawn seed at 10-20mm, your stripes will be further defined.

So, now you know how to stripe your lawn, you can see that it is easy, and anyone can do it. But if you want the best stripes on your street, you should follow our steps above!

If you want your grass greener or if weeds have started to appear and removing by hand isn't helping, our guide on how to get rid of weeds and moss will help you overcome your pesky weed problem.

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