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What to feed your lawn in winter

The key to feeding your lawn in winter is to apply a winter lawn feed during autumn. The benefit of an autumn / winter lawn feed is that your grass will already have received its boost of nutrients before the cold winter weather arrives and will be ready for everything winter throws its way!

frosty winter morning garden lawn needing lawn food

When to use winter lawn food

Using a winter feed for your lawn is beneficial before winter sets in. Applying a 16-week winter-specific lawn feed in autumn will give your grass the nutrients it needs to overcome the harsh weather a UK winter brings. A winter lawn feed also strengthens your grass against common lawn diseases and helps it recover more quickly from the cold of winter come the following spring!

Can you use lawn food once winter has arrived?

It’s best not to use a winter lawn feed once the early frosts have arrived (usually in early November) because your lawn will be dormant and won’t benefit if you apply lawn food this late in the year. We recommend getting your lawn food down before winter frosts or snow has arrived. Otherwise, the cold conditions will slow down how quickly the granules dissolve and delay their effectiveness on your lawn.

What should you feed your lawn with in winter?

We have formulated our Winter Remedy lawn food to provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to protect it from frost and snow while reducing the risk of winter lawn disease and helping it maintain its greenness throughout the winter months. Best applied in October, this winter lawn feed lasts 16 weeks (4 months) and offers an unrivalled concoction of nutrients to keep your lawn healthy and strong until spring arrives.

How do I use lawn food?

Feeding your lawn with winter lawn food will protect it and preserve its health through the cold winter months. However, you will only get the best results if you learn how to apply it correctly. But luckily for you, we have a helpful video that explains how easy it is to get it right!

Benefits of using an autumn / winter lawn food

Feeding your lawn protects your grass

Feeding your grass with an autumn / winter lawn food gives it the necessary nutrients to encourage resistance to common lawn diseases. It also ensures your lawn arrives at the other side of winter ready for vibrant and healthy growth!

Winter lawn food helps maintain colour and appearance

The nutritional gains from feeding your lawn in autumn help maintain its colour, health and appearance during the cold winter months. This means you will have a healthy, beautiful lawn ready to be enjoyed once the milder weather arrives after winter.

The beneficial nutrients help your grass recover

Since a 16-week winter lawn feed provides your grass with nutrients all winter, it boosts your grass’s recovery at winter’s end. This will result in a lawn that will grow rapidly and thicken quicker when winter comes to a close in March.

Knowing what to feed your lawn in winter

To ensure your lawn is in top shape over winter involves providing it with a winter lawn feed in autumn. This nutrient-dense feed prepares it for the challenges of UK winter and helps it maintain its health and beauty so it’s ready for spring!

We have other guides for further reading to help you keep your lawn in top shape during the colder months:

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