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When to use lawn feed

Maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn requires more than regular mowing and watering. Feeding your grass to elevate the health and appearance of your lawn will help provide it with the necessary nutrients to keep it glowing. This is where lawn food, also known as lawn feed, comes into play! Keep reading for information on the benefits of using lawn food, where we also provide guidance on how and when to use it effectively to ensure you have the best garden lawn.

When to use lawn feed

When to Use Lawn Feed

When should I use lawn food in spring?

Early spring is an ideal time to apply lawn food. After the winter months, your lawn will benefit from a nutrient boost to kickstart its growth. A 16-week feed is ideal to gradually nourish your grass over time and will continue feeding it nutrients into the summer months.

When to apply lawn food for summer?

As the summer heat intensifies, your lawn can become stressed and lose vital nutrients. Applying a 6-week mid-summer lawn feed helps replenish these nutrients and maintain the health and appearance of your grass.

Avoid feeding your grass during periods of hot weather

We advise not to use lawn food when it’s hot outside or during a heatwave. This is because when the sun beats down on your lawn, it dries up water very quickly, which can cause the lawn food to burn your grass – since the granules are made up of chemicals that need to be watered in until the granules have dissolved. So, delay feeding your lawn until the heatwave is over to avoid damaging your lawn.

When to use winter lawn food

Before winter sets in, it’s beneficial if you fortify your lawn’s defences. Using a winter-specific lawn feed in autumn will feed your grass the nutrients it needs to endure the colder months and help it recover quickly from the cold of winter the following spring!

Understanding Lawn Feed

Lawn food is a specialised blend of nutrients designed to nourish and strengthen your grass to promote healthy growth and make it greener! It typically contains essential nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K); these elements work in harmony to support the overall health and resilience of your lawn.

Tips for how to use our lawn food

  • Follow our instructions to ensure the correct application rate and method
  • Water your lawn thoroughly after applying lawn feed to help activate the nutrients and prevent it from burning your grass
  • Consider using a spreader for even distribution across your lawn

Benefits of Using Lawn Feed

Feeding your lawn promotes healthy growth

Lawn feed gives your grass the necessary nutrients to encourage strong root development and robust growth. This results in a dense, vibrant lawn that looks beautiful, grows better than before and resists common lawn diseases.

Lawn food enhances colour and appearance

The balanced nutrient composition in lawn feed helps to deepen the colour of your grass, giving it a rich, lush appearance. It can transform a lacklustre lawn into a beautiful, visually appealing outdoor space!

Providing your lawn with this nutrient smoothie strengthens its defenses

Feeding your lawn with lawn food will enhance its natural defences against weeds, diseases, and pests. A healthy lawn is also more resilient and better equipped to fend off invasive plants and harmful lawn pests.

Lawn food will help your grass recover from damage

Although lawn feed is primarily a way to boost your lawn’s health to help it fight common lawn problems, lawn food also aids recovery by providing your grass with the nutrients necessary for rapid regrowth and repair.

Knowing when to use lawn feed

The key to maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. Knowing when to use lawn feed, such as in spring, during the middle of the summer, and in preparation for winter, enables you to keep your lawn in optimal condition throughout the year! So, give your lawn the nourishment it deserves and enjoy the rewards of a vibrant and thriving outdoor space.

If you are planning on sowing some new grass seed, then using a pre-seed lawn food will get growth off to a flying start – you can read more about this in our what lawn feed to use before sowing’ blog post.

We also have more tips on how to repair a lawn to get your garden back into tip-top shape.

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