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How to thicken up your lawn

All homeowners dream of having a thick, green and healthy lawn. While that isn’t hard to achieve with the right products and know-how, it can be hard to make sure your lawn stays this way with each season.

How to thicken up your lawn

We have some simple solutions on how to thicken up your lawn that will ensure your lawn is back to its former glory in no time – through the magic of overseeding with fresh grass seed and feeding with lawn food!


Overseeding your lawn is an effective way to thicken up your lawn coverage and create a more even and healthy look across your lawn. While the goal with overseeding is to achieve those things, to complete the overseeding process, there are a few little jobs that you will need to take care of along the way. Removing weeds and moss and levelling your soil are all part of the overseeding preparation process, so it’s like completing 3 jobs in 1 go!

So how is it done…

Believe it or not, overseeding is a very easy process, and there are only a few steps between you and a full and dense lawn! Our overseeding process is straightforward to complete; we recommend following these steps;

  1. Remove any weeds or moss, using a weedkiller or our 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue.
  2. Mow and scarify your lawn
  3. Sow your seed at a rate of 35g per m2, using your hand or a spreader.
  4. Firm in the seed and water it
  5. Keep birds at bay, so they don’t scoop up the newly sown seed!

For a more detailed breakdown of these steps, or to watch our video tutorial on this, follow our guide on how to overseed your lawn.

Choosing the right seed

You should also make sure that you are overseeding with the right lawn seed. If you are struggling with shade, opt for our Shade Supreme Lawn, or if you have clay soils, our New Build Dream Lawn will be perfect. For a lawn that will withstand the daily activities of the family, try our Fast Grow Family Lawn, or for a lawn that needs to be able to put up with your pets playing, choose our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn. Or if you want a lawn that will outshine the others, try Super Fine Luxury Lawn.

You can also follow our guide on how to choose the best lawn seed if you are still unsure of what seed you need.

Feeding your lawn

Although lawns are natural living things, they won’t always be able to survive by themselves. They need a bit of TLC to stay in top shape. Providing your lawn with all of the key nutrients it needs will help you to achieve this. Lawn food is packed full of useful ingredients that will keep your lawn thick and thriving!

Similar to lawn seed, choosing a lawn food that is fit for your purpose is a key part of the success of your feeding process. This can depend on the time of the year, but also on your wants and needs for your lawn. If you are planning on some summer seeding, particularly if you are sowing a new lawn from scratch – look no further than our Pre-Seed First Feed. This feed will give your seedlings all the nutrients they need to grow faster and stronger! For a long-lasting summer feed, try our All Summer Long lawn food. Designed to boost your lawn during the summer festivities and help it to come out the other side better than ever.

Fast Acting Feed to boost your lawn's health

For a quick-fix approach, our Oh So Green lawn food will be your new best friend. It’s a 6-week feed that will rapidly change the nutrient level of your lawn and make it instantly green, just in time for your summer soiree!  If your lawn gets used by your furry friends, you can opt for our All Natural Nutriboost lawn feed. Created for those who prefer an organic and natural approach, with the knowledge that it is safe for kids and pets.

We have explained some easy ways how to thicken up your lawn. But, before using your lawn food, ensure you know how to use it. If you scan the QR code on the back of your lawn food bag, it will take you through to our easy-to-follow guide on using lawn food.

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