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Why isn’t my grass growing?

There is nothing more disappointing than sowing a new lawn and waiting for those first green shoots to pop up, only for nothing to happen at all!

Why isn’t my grass growing?

You're maybe wondering, "Why isn’t my grass growing?" - you've planted your grass seed when the weather was nice outside and given it some water. So, where did it all go wrong?

Well, the truth is – grass seed can be pretty fussy. Unless it has the right temperatures, the perfect seedbed and plenty of watering, it may not grow as you expect. So, if your grass seed isn’t growing, it could be down to 4 things – poor timing, poor preparation, poor watering and poor product. We explain more about what these mean below.

Poor timing

Knowing the right time to sow a new lawn will massively improve your chances of growth. There are two prime times during the year that are ideal for sowing: spring and autumn. During these seasons, the conditions for sowing are perfect. For growth to begin, temperatures must consistently reach 10 degrees and above – day and night.

Late spring and early autumn will typically reach these temperatures, providing the perfect opportunity to sow. You may be wondering why spring and autumn are better times to sow seed than summer – this is due to the frequent rain showers we get during this time, which help give your grass seed the perfect balance of heat and moisture to grow. During summer, it can sometimes be too hot for new seedlings to grow, and long periods of hot weather without rainfall can make it hard to grow a new lawn.

Poor preparation

When it comes to sowing a new lawn, preparation really is the key to success. Without the right groundwork, your results can be pretty disappointing. By skipping this step and just throwing your lawn seed down on an unprepared seedbed, you will likely have a very sparse and uneven display of grass shoots.

Your seedbed should be four things: free of weeds and moss, free of stones and debris, easy to rake through and level. You can read our blog on creating a seedbed for grass seed, to learn more about achieving the perfect seedbed. If you are overseeding, follow our guide on How to overseed your existing lawn.

Poor watering

If you want to grow your dream lawn this summer successfully, then your watering schedule needs to be up to scratch. While we are lucky to have frequent rain showers here in the UK, you should still pay attention to your watering after you have sown a new lawn.

Our simple advice is to make sure that your lawn is moist all of the time. This might seem like a lot of work, but trust us when we say it will be worth it when your lawn is flourishing in 8 weeks!

It’s always good to try and find the right balance between too much and not enough, and the same applies to watering your lawn. Too much water may saturate your new seeds and cause them to die or turn yellow as they grow. Too little water and your new seedlings may not take off at all! To find out more on how best to water your lawn, read our guide on how to water your lawn.

Poor product

Choosing the right lawn seed will play a big part in how successful your lawn growth is. The right seed will fit the purpose and will be suited to your garden's needs. And the level of use your lawn gets, the shade level and soil type should all be considered before you buy your lawn seed.

  • If your lawn is located under a blanket of shade, then you should choose a seed that has been created to grow without the availability of sunlight, like our Shade Supreme Lawn seed.
  • If you struggle with clay soils, try our New Build Dream Lawn seed, which leaves you with a thick and bright green lawn, even if you have clay soils beneath!
  • For a lawn that will be sure to get the attention of your neighbours, our Super Fine Luxury Lawn seed will do just that! It’s a fine-leafed grass that will give your garden that VIP edge.
  • If your lawn suffers at the hands of your pets, our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn is just the seed for you. Designed to bounce back after the playing and rolling about has stopped.
  • Or, if you just want a general seed that will leave you with a lawn fit for everyday use, try our Fast Grow Family Lawn.

Other solutions to 'Why isn’t my grass growing?'

If you’re still not sure as to why your grass isn't growing, make sure you follow our guide on how to choose your grass seed!

You can also drop us an email, and we will be happy to discuss any issues your garden might have!

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