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Does grass seed go off?

Customers often ask, “Does grass seed go off?” or “How long does grass seed keep for?”. The answer generally comes down to how well you store it, but if you make sure to store it in cool, dry conditions, it will keep for longer than you think!

Does grass seed go off

So, does grass seed go off??

Yes, it does, but don’t worry – it won’t go off as quickly as a pint of milk! But since grass seed is a living thing, it won’t last forever. However, storing your grass seed correctly in a cool, dry place can last for 2 to 3 years before its growth rate noticeably declines. Although you will likely have used most of your grass seed (if not all of it!) in this timeframe anyway!

How to store grass seed so it keeps for longer

As we’ve already mentioned, the best way to store your grass seed is to keep it in a cool, dry and dark place – your garage or garden shed is usually the perfect place! We recommend keeping it in its original packaging because the bags we deliver our seed in help prevent condensation build-up and keep it fresher for longer.

Tips for storing grass seed

  • Cool, dry and preferably dark areas of your garage or garden shed
  • Place something under the bag or storing it off the ground will help it avoid dampness
  • Keep your bag of seeds out of direct sunlight
  • Ensure the bag stays dry and doesn’t get wet.

How to tell if grass seed is still good

At iCANLAWN, we’ve spoken loudly about how poor-performing products make us sad, and that’s why we go out of our way to ensure the grass seed you get from us is nothing less than excellent! Well, we decided to go a step further and made sure all our bags of grass seed come with a UK Government DEFRA certification label on them. This label includes details of the mixture, as well as the month and year when the bag was sealed.

To top it off, since our grass seed mixes exceed the requirements of the UK government’s Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS), you can be confident you’re buying the finest quality grass seed available anywhere!

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