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How to stop birds eating grass seed

Are you frustrated by the sight of birds devouring the grass seed you’ve carefully sown in your garden? While birds are wonderful creatures, their appetites can wreak havoc on your lawn’s progress. But fear not! In this blog, we’ll explore some practical strategies and offer tips to help you deter birds from feasting on your grass seed, allowing you to enjoy a lush and healthy lawn!

grass seed on home garden lawn seed bed

Birds love nothing more than a free meal, especially if you’ve just sown grass seed and effectively laid out a platter of food for them! So, whether you’re seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing one, keep reading for five tips on how to stop birds eating your grass seed.

1) Time Your Seeding Wisely

Timing is crucial when seeding your lawn, and for further reading, we have a guide on when to sow grass seed to ensure you plant it at the right time.

Plan your seed sowing with the weather

Seed in Early Spring or Late Summer

Birds are more active during the peak of summer when they are raising their young. Early spring or late summer are the best times for growing grass seeds, offering your seedlings the perfect temperatures and weather to help grass thrive. Since there are lots of berries, nuts and insects to feast on at these times of the year, your grass seed will be a long way down the pecking list and should be left alone to grow in peace!

Sow Your Seed When Wet Weather is Approaching

Check your weather forecast for wet weather and plant to sow your grass seed just before a period of rain. As mentioned in our guide on how to sow grass seed, sowing before rainy weather sets in means that nature will do much aftercare watering for you. Birds also won’t often be out foraging for food during stormy weather, which is an added bonus!

2) Cover Grass Seed to Stop Birds Eating Your Seedlings

Covering your seeded area is a great way to prevent birds from accessing your freshly sown grass seed. Using grass seed netting or tarpaulin are cost-effective ways to stop birds from eating grass seed and to ensure your grass seed can grow uninterrupted.

Grass Seed Netting

Lay grass seed netting over the seeded area, securing it firmly to the ground with stakes. The mesh will prevent birds from landing and accessing the seeds while allowing sunlight and water to get through.


Similar to how the grass seed netting is applied, covering your grass seedbed with tarpaulin creates a protective barrier over the grass seed. This option provides a durable defence against birds and is a good way to stop cats from using your newly seeded area as their bathroom.

3) Add Visual Deterrents to Stop Birds Feasting on Grass Seed

Birds are easily spooked by objects that mimic predators or sudden movements. So, by adding some visual deterrents to your garden lawn, you can scare them away and keep your grass seed safe.

Use Reflective Objects to stop birds eating your grass seed

Hang shiny objects like CDs, aluminium foil strips, or reflective tape around the yard. The glimmer and movement will deter birds from landing and keep them away from your newly seeded area.

4) Add Sounds to Scare Birds Away from Your Lawn

Sound can be an effective tool in deterring birds from your lawn! Hanging wind chimes near the seeded area will produce sound caused by the wind, encouraging birds to look elsewhere for food. This addition to your garden will keep birds away and add a pleasing sound for humans, but remember, this will only work if there’s a breeze blowing.

5) Offer Birds Food

Naturally, a kinder approach to discourage birds from feasting on your seeds is to offer them what they’re coming to your garden for – food! Hang some bird feeders around your garden, and fill them with some bird food to stop these feathered visitors from eating your grass seed.

Bird Resistant Grass Seed

Some brands will claim their seeds to be bird-resistant or coated in “a revolutionary” aqueous coating that speeds up germination and stops birds from eating it. The reality is that there is no such thing as bird-resistant grass seed!

That’s why you are better off buying high-quality, fast-growing natural grass seed like our All Rounder Rapid Lawn or our durable Fast Grow Family Lawn. These grass seed mixes grow quickly, which shortens the time frame birds have to pinch the seeds.

Our seed mixes feature only the best quality grass seed stored in cold storage all year round, so it’s guaranteed to be fresh, pure and ready to grow thick and lush in your garden. And we are so confident of the quality of our products that they all carry our 100% Happiness Guarantee!

Apply our advice for how to stop birds eating grass seed

With these effective strategies, you can stop birds from eating grass seed and enjoy a thriving, beautiful lawn. Covering your seeds, adding visual and audible deterrents, offering bird food, and timing when you sow your seed will create an environment that birds find less appealing, ensuring your grass seed has the best chance to grow undisturbed. So, gear up and take action to protect your lawn from those feathered foes, and soon, you’ll be relishing the rewards of your efforts with a lush and healthy green garden lawn beneath your feet!

If you are still on the fence about what grass seed to choose for a new lawn or overseeding, our best grass seed guide will help you get the seeds you need.

We have more on the best months to sow grass seed, including advice on how to prepare the perfect seedbed and plant the grass seed.

If you have decided to plant your grass seed in autumn, we have a blog post full of helpful tips on how to get your lawn ready for spring.

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