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How to speed up grass seed germination

Growing a lush, green lawn is a gratifying experience, but waiting for grass seeds to sprout can test your patience. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to speed up grass seed germination. In this blog post, we’ll uncover simple yet effective methods to help you achieve a vibrant lawn in no time!

How to speed up grass seed germination

Give your seedlings the best start to growth

Grass seed germination typically takes up to ten days, and temperature and sunlight will affect this massively. The ideal soil temperature for growing our grass seeds is 10°C day and night for two weeks. So, check your local weather forecast to make sure your seedlings will get the heat and light they need to flourish!

Speeding up grass seed germination

To make things easier for yourself, we recommend planting grass seeds between March and October and avoiding planting seeds in winter since the temperatures outside will not be ideal.

Choose the right grass seed

To get things rolling quickly, start by selecting grass seeds that are known for their speedy and vigorous growth. Our Fast Grow Family Lawn grows fast – as its name implies – and offers durability to recover from wear and tear caused by family gatherings, kids and pets. All Rounder Rapid Lawn is similar, but this seed mix self-repairs faster to get your lawn looking pristine again quickly.

We also have a seed mix that’s perfect for overcoming the havoc caused by your pup – as cute and lovable as they are, it doesn’t take long for a dog to destroy your lawn. That’s where our Tough Stuff Lush Lawn comes to the rescue! This quick-to-recover grass seed mix self-repairs and restores within 10 days, regrows in areas burnt by dog pee and is the toughest grass seed available for living with pets!

Other things to consider are the amount of sunlight in your garden. If tall trees, fences or walls around your lawn block sunlight, then a grass seed mix designed to grow in the shade would be ideal. Or, if your garden features clay soil (which many new build houses have), then our New Build Dream Lawn seed mix is the best option – this seed mix includes seeds that grow very well in clay soil!

If you’re looking for an ornamental lawn like you would see at a UK stately home, our Super Fine Luxury Lawn is the solution. This grass seed creates an elegant lawn that can be mowed nice and low and is ideal for mowing eye-catching statement stripes!

Prepare the soil

Before sowing the seeds, make sure your soil is well-prepared. Remove any rocks, weeds, or debris from the area. Loosen the soil using a garden fork or rake to break up any compacted spots and level your lawn to perfection.


Rev up your germination speed by overseeding. Doing this will improve your lawn’s density, increase its vibrancy, and accelerate germination. The existing grass provides shade and protection to the new seeds, helping them retain moisture and grow faster.

Use a pre-seed fertiliser

Give your seeds a head start with a specially formulated pre-seed starter lawn food. Our pre-seed fertiliser is packed with nutrients to give your seedlings the best possible start and will accelerate root development from day one. This lawn food thickens and greens up existing grass, making it the ideal fertiliser to use when overseeding!

Keep it watered

Consistent watering is key to successful grass seed germination. After sowing the seeds, lightly water the area frequently to moisten the top inch of the soil. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to fungal diseases and hinder germination. As the grass establishes, you can gradually reduce the watering frequency while increasing the amount of water applied each time.

Cover the seeds

Give your seeds some extra protection by covering the seeded area with netting or a thin layer of topsoil. This helps retain moisture, prevents wind from blowing away the seeds, and keeps pesky birds from feasting on them. Remember to only use a thin layer of soil because this will still allow sunlight to reach the seeds.

Tips for speeding up grass seed germination

By following our helpful seed germination tips, you’ll be able to accelerate grass seed germination and establish a healthy, beautiful lawn in record time. Remember to choose the right grass seed, prepare the soil properly, water consistently, and protect the seeds from cold weather and birds. With this approach, you’ll be enjoying an emerald, healthily vibrant and envy-inducing lawn in no time!

If you want more advice on creating the perfect lawn, we have a guide for that.

We also have an ultimate grass seed sowing guide to help you get your grass off to a great start!

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