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When to plant grass seed

Knowing when to plant grass seed is one of the key things that ensure your lawn grows well and is as green and healthy as it can be. The best time to plant grass seed is when temperatures are forecast to be consistently warm and above 10 degrees for at least a fortnight, when you know you’ve picked the correct seed type for your soil and when your seedbed is perfectly prepared for planting grass seed.

When to plant grass seed on your lawn

When is it best to plant grass seed?

Before you plant grass seed, begin by checking your local weather forecast. You are looking for consistent day and night temperatures of 10°C and above for at least two weeks - this will give your newly planted seeds the warmth needed to grow.

However, you should avoid planting grass seeds if a heatwave is forecast because the seedlings will struggle to get the water they need in these higher temperatures.

Things to consider before going any further:

  • It takes 6-8 weeks for the grass to establish and grow
  • Temperatures of 10°C and above are needed for the weeks that follow planting.
  • Hold off planting grass seeds if hot weather or a heatwave is forecast.
  • Be wary of planting the seed in November and early spring, as cold weather snaps can arrive without warning.
  • Ensure you’re not planning to sow your grass seed during the winter months, even if temperatures are ideal.

If the weather in your area is looking good for the coming weeks, then you’re ready for the next step.

Make sure you pick the right grass seed

picking your seed when planting grass seed

We have a range of grass seed mixes suited to different needs - these include fast-growing grass seed, grass seeds suited to clay soil, seeds for shaded lawns and grass seed ideal for gardens that will get worn out by energetic kids and pets.

You can find out more about our grass seed options below:

Seeds to suit specific situations

  • All Rounder Rapid Lawn is an all-rounder for use anywhere. This mix is specially blended to ensure it grows quickly and rapidly recovers from wear and tear.
  • Fast Grow Family Lawn grows fast and is durable for a lot of footfall from the family.
  • Tough Stuff Lush Lawn is aimed at lawns used by dogs, and it recovers quickly from the wear and tear your pup dishes out.
  • Shade Supreme Lawn is for gardens where trees, hedgerows, walls and fences block sunlight – this grass seed thrives in these conditions!

Specialist grass seed

  • Super Fine Luxury is a fine grass seed mix ideal for achieving a decorative lawn which won’t receive much footfall. This seed is also superb for use with sandy soils.
  • New Build Dream Lawn provides a luscious lawn over clay soils – it grows fast, is hard-wearing, and is ideal if you have kids and pets.

Preparing your seedbed

Levelling your seed bed when preparing to plant grass seed

Finally, getting your seedbed ready for your new grass seed is not difficult if you follow our helpful guide. Preparing your seedbed comes down to some essential tasks:

Remove weeds and moss

If weeds and moss are not removed, they will spoil the look of your lovely new lawn. Thankfully, eliminating weeds is easy. If your garden only has a few weeds, you can remove them by hand or using a gardener’s trowel. Or you can use a handheld weedkiller spray, but always read the instructions before and after use.

Moss can easily be removed if you regularly rake it out – but the moss may return if your lawn suffers from shade or flooding.

If your garden has a lot of weeds and moss, then a 3 IN 1 Lawn Rescue is ideal - this feeds your lawn while also killing off weeds and moss.

Get rid of stones or debris

Remove stones, rocks and debris to make your life easier when mowing your lawn, and you will also improve the look of your garden. The easiest way to do this is by using a garden soil sieve if you have lots of small stones in your soil.

Rake the soil for an even consistency

Raking the soil breaks it up, so your seeds benefit from the heat, light and water they need to grow. You want your soil to have an even consistency, and sow your seed to be about three-pound coins stacked deep into the soil. For this reason, if the ground is too hard or the soil is uneven, your seed will not be sown evenly and will look bumpy when the grass has fully grown.

Level your garden to ensure it’s flat

Levelling your lawn will ensure your garden is flat, reducing the chance of flooding and making your mowing routine easier while also looking fantastic.

Pre-Feed your garden with lawn food

At this stage, you might consider feeding your garden with a pre-feed that gives your seed the best possible start. A lawn pre-feed like this will also help accelerate growth and root development, giving you a stronger lawn overall.

Time to plant grass seed

Planting grass seed

Now you’ve checked the weather, chosen your grass seed and done your prep work, it’s time to start planting your grass seed. We have a helpful guide on how to plant grass seed – we have listed a few of the steps below:

  1. You should plant the seed at a rate of 50g per metre squared for a new lawn. You can do this by hand or by using a seed spreader.
  2. If you're planting by hand, measure out a metre squared using bamboo canes or string.
  3. Then, you can easily measure 50g of seed in a cup and return for more seed when needed.
  4. Scatter the seed from side-to-side widthways and lengthways to get good coverage. Your seed needs to be spread out evenly so it has space to grow and shouldn’t be in a heaped pile.
  5. Using your rake again, you can rake the seed in so it is in amongst the soil.
  6. As mentioned, your seeds should be about three-pound coins stacked deep in the soil. This is both deep enough and shallow enough to allow the seed access to the water, heat and sunlight it needs to grow.
  7. Firm it in by walking across it carefully but firmly.
  8. Then, water your growing seedlings once a day, every day for the first six weeks. And on days when it rains, you can avoid watering your lawn.

Knowing When to Plant Grass Seed

Now you know when to plant grass seed and the steps required to get your lawn thriving. And we have a helpful guide on when you should be thinking about mowing your new lawn. But if you have any questions or need some advice along the way, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help.

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